Date My Family: Tshepang and his hair

29-year-old-Tshepang gets a grilling of his life because of his hair and other things that did not settle well with the other three families.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Relationships

Date my family

With a career in artist management and wharehouse storage (whatever that is) Tshepang found himself being roasted by all three families who were not to impressed with his appearance or career choices.

From the get go we knew Tshepang was going to have a bit of a difficult time with all three families and it mostly had to do with his appearance.

Look, Tshepang is actually not a bad looking guy, but his hair and dress sense just did not settle well with all three families.


Pearl's family, who consisted of the beautiful Zulu girls made it clear that if he chose Pearl, his hair had to go. Pearl's sister, Anele and her friends were a bit hard-core and brutally honest with him. They were not too impressed with him being an artist manager and traveling a lot.

Maybe that's why when he met the second family he switched his career from being artist manager to owning a warehouse. Yeah we were as confused.

Mokgadi's family was also not too impressed with Tshepang's appearance as well, but come on guy, how are you going to go on a date wearing, vans sneakers, a t-shirt and torn jeans? 

From the moment Mokgadi laid her eyes on him she was just on some..


Which we understood, Mokgadi's personality in comparison to Tshepang's personality did not match and Mokgadi would've not been impressed if Tshepang chose her, she even made the Date My Family's driver go inside the house to give her the bottle of wine.

Oh and ladies how fine is driver-bae by the way, we honestly wouldn't mind if he was on the show searching for a potential date, we would be right there waiting in line like most ladies to date him.

Anyway back to Tshepang. Shame at some point we felt sorry for the guy especially when he met up with Boitumelo's family who were borderline rude and childish.

Their snarky comments about him being 29 and single were ridiculous even Twitter was up in arms about that comment.

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At least some people made light of that comment, just because you're 29-years-old doesn't mean everything in your life is in order.

Whilst others were really not impressed with the 29-year-old jab.


Eventually, Tshepang decided to choose Boitumelo, and by the looks of how their date went, Boitumelo actually said she wouldn't mind a second date with Tshepang.