#DateMyFamily: When Warren impressed everyone

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Relationships

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This week’s bachelor was 28-year-old Warren Blake, who looked like he’s about to feature on a cover of GQ Magazine or be found on the runway strutting his stuff.

We still can’t fathom how this fine specimen is still single and looking for love on a dating show, nogal! Warren must tell South Africa the real reason he’s still single, we refuse to believe that no woman has managed to snatch him up, unless maybe when he came to the show he had undergone a major overhaul makeover?

As expected, Mr Blake shared a meal with three different families and, for the first time on the show, each family and potential dates were impressed by this well-groomed and refined gentleman.

The first woman to be left wagging her tongue is Nomsa. Initially, Nomsa maintained that she’s not into light-skinned men and prefers them darker, but this quickly changed when Warren walked in and we certainly don’t blame her. We also don’t blame the family for serving him pap with fork and knife, silly mishaps are prone to happen when you are trying to impress a person.

Unfortunately, Nomsa didn’t get a chance to go out with the charmer of the evening, we also don’t think Warren and Nomsa would have made a great combination because Nomsa is too loud, while Warren seems to be a bit calm and reserved.

The level-headed man had his second meal with Charity’s family. Charity chose her friend and cousin to represent her. We are not sure if they did that very well because in some parts it seemed like Queen Elizabeth’s language was eluding them. On the other hand, Charity didn’t look half bad herself, if questioned we would say she is beautiful but we hope she doesn’t have ratchet tendencies like her two friends. The ladies drank wine from the biggest bottle imaginable, honestly some habits are better reserved until the camera stops rolling.

Warren also shared a meal with what looked like Mandisa’s entire family. Immediately when Mandisa introduced herself we felt like she was best suited for Warren plus she also couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw Warren. For a moment we were pleased because it seemed like Warren would choose Mandisa, but unfortunately she was left bae-less. But we do believe that she has great potential to find herself her own Warren.

Warren chose to go on a date with the attractive Charity. They physically looked good together but for some reason we still felt Mandisa would have been better. Maybe if Charity displayed the same intellect level as Mandisa we would feel differently over his choice.

We wonder if they managed to go on the second or even a third date or let alone be official. Can the producers of the show do follow-ups on these couples and do a one day of “where they are now” episodes?

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