#DateMyFamily: Leroy and Thembi a good match

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Relationships

We are always fascinated by the people who go on Date My Family. We are always wondering about what embarrassing moments might unfold or if we'll finally witness a match made in heaven.

This week, we met Leroy and three young women - Nozipho, Thando and Thembi, who were all hoping to meet their prince charming.

Leroy had the privilege of meeting Nozipho’s family first. Let’s forget the food, but being interrogated on the first meeting is a big NO. Hardly ten minutes after sitting down, Nozipho’s friend started firing Leroy with questions. We could have sworn she was an FBI agent. The friend was short from asking Leroy to produce his payslip. She was a turn off and Nozipho should blame her for losing out on Leroy.

We really liked Thando and her family. Even though her father was quick to bring out the marriage subject, he can be excused. Every parent wants to see their child get married as opposed to going in and out of relationships. The dinner was going well until Thando’s cousin mentioned that Thando loves shopping. We don’t understand Leroy’s problem with shopping. Did he feel like Thando would run his account dry or is he just stingy? We hope Leroy is not the type that can’t spoil a woman even on her birthday, or always insists on buying “ikota” when you visit him.

Thembi’s family was the last one to impress Leroy. We love Thembi’s mom. She couldn’t pretend nor contain her excitement with the prospects of a new son in law. The dinner went well and Thembi’s family wasn’t bad in representing her. Thembi knows how to play her cards, you don’t choose a Gerrie Nel wannabe to represent you on such things. Just saying. 

We are not sure why Leroy chose to go out with Thembi. Is it the shoe size, the fact that the family said she’s got an impressive behind, or did Thembi’s mom really put in the love portion while cooking?

Whatever the case might be, Leroy and Thembi seemed pleased to meet each other. They really looked good together. Will Thembi be the future Mrs Sass?

Our funny moment has to go to Thando, when she wasn’t picked up for the date she looked like she was going to faint. That was a bit funny to watch because before everything, she made it seem like she wasn’t keen on going on a date with Leroy. Maybe she was disappointed because she realised her journey as a single lady still continues, or the fact that she missed out on the free food.