DJ Cleo helps us understand his dad better

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | DJ Cleo  | Relationships

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DJ Cleo has set the record straight about his relationship with his father Sam Monyepao. This comes after the mega star was accused of abandoning Sam, who is also disabled. In a video, the disappointed dad shared his heartbreak and also claimed that his son never supports him

Sam, who lives in Buchum, Limpopo, told Sunday Sun: He also told Sunday Sun: "When I think of all the money I spent on his education, my heart bleeds. I'm heartbroken, because my rich son doesn't give a rat's a**e about me." He adedd that the last time Cleo visited hm he brought a bucket of KFC. "And this is the man who owns 10 houses in Johannesburg and more than a dozen cars."

But it seems like things aren't as they seem. In an interview with Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu on 3 Talk, Cleo said his father is mentally unstable. He explained: "I mean it not in a bad way. I mean there's different levels of mental illness, his is at the very low scale but he's not entirely stable."

Sam might have said all those things last year, but Cleo claims that he's now denying eveything. "Even though it's on video. It's like he [Sam] doesn't remember what he said so I understand because he is my father and I have forgiven him. I know he didn't mean to do any harm. We've since also since taken him for mental assessment..."

The producer, who recently made his comeback to the music industry, continued: "That's the truth behind the whole thing. He could say whatever and not remember what he said or deny it. I wasn't hurt by it. The media just basically ran with the story and exposed a mentally unstable somebody."

He told Noeleen that his family understands that it's a menatal condition. He added: "He can say things and not remember or deny them."


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