Dumi Mkokstad's Daughter - Who Exactly Is She?

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By  | Jun 21, 2022, 11:40 AM  | Relationships

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Dumi Mkokstad is an award winning singer who has been in the music scene since he was nine years old. Dumi married the love of his life Dr Ziphozenkozi in 2019. It was undoubtedly a highlight of the year.

However, this marriage sparked mixed reactions from fans who say that the bride popped out of nowhere so the sudden marriage had to be because they were hiding something. Dumi claims that it was not sudden and that the union happened after many years of knowing each other and dating for eight months.

He kept it private to avoid public scrutiny. On paper, they are those inspiring enviable couple goals in the industry. However so much controversies surround their daughters.

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Dumi Mkokstad's daughter

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After the two tied the knot, people naturally expected the couple to start having kids of their own.  To the surprise of many, Dumi went on social media later to celebrate the birthday of his daughter who was turning seven.

This did not add up as the couple had not been married for that long and Dumi is a gospel artist. The daughter, Likuwe Mkokstad celebrated her birthday on the 19th of November 2019.

This was the first time ever the singer posted her for on social media. In other videos, Likuwe appears to be following in the father’s steps as she is already in love with music.

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In 2021 December the couple made a pregnancy announcement on Instagram with lovely photos of Dr Ziphozenkozi with a baby bump. They announced that they were expecting a baby girl.

In 2022, Dumi shared videos of him putting their new born to sleep. The name of the baby girl is Lenan’izulu Mkokstad. The wife posts photos on Instagram severally with the baby as they already have brand endorsements from several baby products companies.

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Controversies surrounding Dumi Mkokstad's daughter

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Fans still question how the couple has a seven year old daughter yet they have been married for a lesser time. His fans were shocked to learn that he had a child as it was the first time he shared he was a father. The couple have remained quiet on the issue even though Dumi still went ahead and thanked the wife on social media for being a good mother to Likuwe.

The wife, Dr Ziphozenkozi also celebrated her on her 8th birthday. She captioned “Happy birthday to my only princess, I love you more than anything in this world, I will always be by your side #likuturns8 #LittleMkokstad.” After the wedding, a woman he was apparently engaged to surfaced.

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Amanda Bhengu says Dumi promised that he’d marry her. Apparently, he told her that he was going for music video shoot only to see wedding photos the following day. Dumi denied knowing her. There were also reports that he hooked up with 21 year old Nomfundo Ngcobo and got her pregnant. 

Dumi then asked her to terminate it due to embarrassment and cut all ties after she obliged and got rid of the baby. Since Likuwe’s mother is not known, she may be adopted. Or not.

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