Is Felicia Modise's new man taken?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Felicia Mokoena  | Relationships

Uh, oh!

It seems like Felicia Modise's new man is taken. The Diski Divas star, who is Teko Modise's ex-wife, flaunted her new boo on the show on Sunday (31 May). Eish, but Daily Sun has reported that Joe Kazadi is in a serious relationship with a woman named Reine Maudi. 

A source said told the paper: "When you ask Joe what's going on between him and his girlfriend, he says it’s complicated. He says they are always fighting and she wants to control him.

"He says Reine is jealous of all the girls Joe hangs out with. At this point, he is enjoying his blossoming love with Felicia."

The source added: "Joe hates feeling like he's owned. He is young and feels he is allowed to see whoever he wants because he isn’t married." 

Joe told Daily Sun that he loves Felicia: "But I'm not allowed to talk about us, so no comment."

According to the paper, Felicia's response when she was told about Joe's girlfriend was: "What? No. Are you serious? I didn’t know that! When it comes to the show, I can’t say anything because it will ruin the next episode." 

Yho! There's always drama when Diski Divas are involved. 

If you missed today's ZAlebs news you can still watch the video below.