Everything You Need To Know About Ginimbi's Ex-Wife

Their marriage died but their friendship lived on

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Zodwa Mkandla, Ginimbi
Genius Kadungure, popularly known as Ginimbi was a wealthy and controversial businessman from Zimbabwe who was known for his larger-than-life lifestyle that was characterized by expensive cars, mansions and luxury fashion.

While Ginimbi’s life was out in the public domain and many people knew about him, the tycoon’s personal and love life was kept a huge secret and it took long before the world learned about the existence of Ginimbi’s ex-wife.

Here is everything you need to know about Ginimbi's ex-wife, their marriage, relationship, and divorce.

Who was Ginimbi’s ex-wife?

Ginimbi's ex-wife Zodwa, source: Instagram

The late Ginimbi’s ex-wife is Zodwa Mkandla, also known as Zozo. She is one of the closest friends of Ugandan-born socialite Zari Hassan.

Zodwa is a successful Zimbabwean businessman who has made a fortune from her investments in the travel and tours industry called Traverse. She is also a philanthropist and runs a charitable organization called The Zodwa Mkandla foundation

In a past interview, Ginimbi’s ex-wife narrated how she had met, fallen in love with and married the late tycoon.

According to her narration, the two first met in 2003 when Ginimbi was 23 years old and they established a platonic friendship that lasted for three years before Ginimbi asked her out on a romantic date in 2006 and they officially started dating.

Zodwa who described the late Genius Kadungure as a hardworking businessman who was also a traditionalist African man who preferred eating home-cooked meals to pizza stayed away from the limelight for a long time and a majority of the public only got to know that they had once been man and wife in 2018.

During a court inquest in 2018, Ginimbi’s ex-wife revealed that the two had cohabited for some time before they finally got married. Their marriage had however ended by the time of the court inquest. The businesswoman did not provide intimate details about their union including their wedding date, and reasons for their break up although it is reported that the pair got divorced in 2017.

Ginimbi and his ex-wife’s relationship after divorce

Zodwa with the late Ginimbi, source: Instagram

Although their marriage didn’t last, it appears that the friendship between Ginimbi and Zodwa Mandla lasted a lifetime and was only cut short by Ginimbi’s sudden death.

Even after Ginimbi’s death, Zodwa has continued to keep his memories alive and she often remembers him on his special days like birthdays and anniversaries, and she often shares sweet messages about her “bestie” as she still refers to him.

Still trying hard to protect Ginimbi’s reputation, Zozo who appeared on a YouTube channel called City Girls with Tebogo Thobejane in February 2022, denied claims that Ginimbi had used witchcraft and snakes to become rich.

Her response was to a long standing rumor that Ginimbi had been using witchcraft to create his wealth. Further dismissing the claims, Zodwa Mkandla explained that Ginimbi was a very hardworking and God fearing man and that in their ten years of marriage he had always taken her to church.

Did Ginimbi’s ex-wife inherit his estate?

After Ginimbi’s death, one of the many questions that arose included who would inherit his vast property and some even speculated that Zodwa had been listed as the heir of part of Ginimbi’s estate.

Following an inheritance case that was presented by Ginimbi’s sisters and father, His will was nullified as it lacked valid signature. As a result, Ginimbi’s property was passed on to his family as the law declared that Ginimbi had died intestate.
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