Get Your Love Groove Back

Ready to dedicate a love song to your significant other?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Relationships

In many occasions, the best way to express your love for someone is not only through buying them material possessions but also through creating something that comes from the heart, something of sentimental value like writing a song.

Yes, we'll admit, we're all not great love songwriters like the late Robbie Malinga, but when it comes to matters of the heart, anything is possible.

So you're probably asking yourself why you should write a love song for your bae when you can opt to buy them some chocolates or flowers this Valentine's Day, right?

Well, for one, buying a chocolate is a good start, especially if you’ve bought your loved one a Cadbury P.S. as Cadbury has also launched a limited edition range of chocolate bars that will help you say “I LOVE YOU” in all our 11 different languages.

Even our own celebrities and influencers have hopped onto the love-wagon to express their love in their home languages.

But to spread more love in Mzansi, Cadbury is also inviting all South Africans to be involved in their official Mzansi Love Song campaign.

All you have to do is write and submit your lyrics right here and who knows you might have unintentionally unearthed your talent of being a songwriter.

And if you're really terrible at this wordsmith business don't worry Cadbury P.S. has you covered, as you can select and share a song in your language that has already been created, right here.

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