Gigi Lamayne is getting married?

It looks like the 22 year old rapper will be headed down the aisle soon 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Gigi LaMayne  | Relationships

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Gigi Lamayne is getting married

Early this morning, the rapper took to social media to share a pic of a manicured hand donning a set of rings with the caption.

“Man of my dreams

Perfect Ring



Man of my dreams ✅ Perfect Ring ✅ #Lobola #YesIm22

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We have no idea who the man in question is but it could probably be the man she posted a sweet message for back in May 2016 which read:

“Hold my hand. Hold it tight. Youre with me at the most uncertain time of my life. I saw people disappear. Slowly creep into the shadows. You know the pain beyond the make up, fame and lights. You make an effort to love me when I don't love myself. I sometimes hate you for loving me. But then again, I've grown to see you as a reflection of Gods love for me. The reason my exes messed up. Please don't leave anytime soon. I kinda want you in my life. Love is a horrible thing.”

Perhaps she doesn’t want to show they mystery man after her last relationship that ended after her man publicly cheated on her three times.


You thought we were being shady when we asked if Gigi's post was in reference to a single but it turns out that our instincts were right.

Earlier today, the rapper premiered the single, featuring Maraza, on Metro FM's fresh breakfast. 

Gigi Lamayne Lobola single

Publicity stunts these days, SMH 

Not really Gigi but okay... 

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