HHP and Lerato celebrate their anniversary

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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Jabulani "HHP" Tsambo  | Relationships

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Yep! It's their anniversary; the lovely couple celebrates another year together as a couple.

The lovers who have been dating for more than six years and have begun to be more open about their relationship now more than ever. 

Lerato and HHP got engaged between the years 2015-2016.  For a while, people who were not really in their circle of friends had no idea that they were dating or even engaged. In past interviews, Lerato explained that they never really hid their relationship but had both agreed that they would keep their union under wraps because..well...it was no one else's business.


"It was just a general consensus that you know..it's really no one's business more than anything. We just knew that it was no one's business and by the time everyone knew, we had been together for six years. It's just about what you choose to share and we just chose not to tell people." She said.

HHP proposed to Lerato whilst they were on a vacation in Amsterdam, he initially wanted to propose to her in Paris but she was not interested in spending their vacation in the city of love, so Amsterdam it was.

HHP had proposed to Lerato in a small cocktail bar.

Lerato also once mentioned how nervous her fiance' looked before popping the question, to the point where he was even sweating, aw! that's so cute.

Happy anniversary to the lovely couple.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Leratoliscious

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