Jub Jub's Son With Kelly Khumalo

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Jub Jub, Jub Jub

Jub Jub whose real name is Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, has been in the entertainment industry for most of his life since he started his career as a child.

The popular media figure who was born to a celebrity mother who is popularly known as Mama Jackie, has lived quite a colourful life that has been marred with endless controversies. And although nobody has ever questioned Jub Jub's talents and abilities, details of his personal life are always a hot topic of discussion.

Dwelling on the popular subject of Jub Jub’s personal life, today we take a look at who Jub Jub’s son is and answer all the questions you may have about Jub Jub as a father.

Who is Jub Jub’s son

Jub Jub's son, Christian and Jub Jub

Jub Jub’s son and eldest child is a handsome boy called Christian Khumalo. Christian was born on 11th May 2010 and is currently 11-years-old.

Christian who looks so much like Jub Jub lives with his mother and sister and he is currently pursuing his studies.

Who is the mother of Jub Jub’s son?

A throwback photo of Kelly Khumalo with Jub Jub, source: buzzsouthafrica

The mother of Jub Jub’s son is the beautiful musician/actress- Kelly Khumalo. Kelly and Jub Jub had one of those dramatic relationships that we’ve all seen way too many times when celebrities date.

For starters, it is reported that the two went out while Jub Jub was in another relationship with actress Amanda Du-Pont whom he had been dating for three years. 

The couple’s relationship ended just as fast as it had started although at least it resulted in the birth of their son Christian. 

Speaking about their relationship years after it ended, Kelly Khumalo accused Jub Jub of physically abusing her and claimed that Jub Jub only dated her because she was an “It girl.” Jub Jub on the other hand denied ever laying his hand on Kelly and claimed that Kelly had trapped him into the relationship with muthi or witchcraft.

It is quite hard to know who among the two is telling the truth since we were not there, so far now we will only give you both sides of the story and let you decide.

Jub Jub’s relationship with his son

Jub Jub's son with his mother, source: Instagram

According to sources, Jub Jub doesn’t get to see his son regularly as Kelly Khumalo, who has full custody of their son, reportedly blocked Jub Jub from seeing Christian.

Speaking to Drum Magazine in a past interview, Kelly revealed that her decision to prevent Jub Jub was to protect her son from Jub Jub who according to Kelly had a violent temperament. 

After Jub Jub went public about Kelly denying him the chance to see his son, Kelly Khumalo responded via a tweet alleging that Jub Jub had not made any real efforts to see his son and all he did was make excuses in the media. 

A screenshot of Kelly Khumalo's tweet

As it currently stands, Jub Jub’s son lives and stays with his mother and he doesn’t really have a working relationship with his father, Jub Jub.

Does Jub Jub have other children?

Jub Jub has been very discreet about his current private life and it is unclear whether he has any other children besides his son with Kelly Khumalo.

The media personality has, however, often shared pictures of himself with two children- a boy and a girl who somewhat resemble him, and we have to say that they are very adorable.

While we are still not sure whether Jub Jub’s son, Christian has any half-siblings on his father’s side, the little boy has a little sister from his mother’s side called Thingo Khumalo.

Who is Jub Jub’s new wife? 

After all the relationship dramas that Jub Jub had endured in the past, he finally found and married his better half.

Not much is known about Jub Jub’s mysterious wife who has chosen to steer clear of the public. The much we know about her is that her name is Zenith and the two met during Jub Jub’s incarceration.

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