Little Known Details About Jub Jub's Father

He is a business genius

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Jub Jub
Molemo Maarohanye better known as Jub Jub is a top South African entertainer who rose to fame as a child star and has continued to win the hearts of audiences across the country with his music and impeccable presenting skills.

While nearly all information about Jub Jub’s life is out in public, very little is known about the man who raised him, aka his father.

Here are all the little-known details about Jub Jub’s father, his mother, and his early childhood and rise to fame.

Who is Jub Jub’s father and what does he do?

Jub Jub and his father, source: Kaya959

Jub Jub’s father is a businessman and a marketing specialist called Sydney Maarohanye. Very little is known about his father, unlike his mother who is quite famous (or infamous) depending on what you’ve heard about her.

Jub Jub’s mother- Jackie  Ramohlola Maarohanye (Mama Jackie) is a controversial educator and philanthropist who rose to international fame in the 1990s and early 2000s when she founded Ithuteng Trust School to help orphans in her community. Her story caught the attention of international celebrities including Oprah Winfrey who supported her course but an investigative report by Carte Blanche later revealed that she had provided misleading information.

Sydney Maarohanye and Mama Jackie were married but they ended their marriage a few years back in a very messy divorce that saw them publicly fight for their estate which included houses, a fleet of cars and several business establishments including a butchery.

Information about Jub Jub’s father’s background, date of birth, and education, as well as his whereabouts are currently unavailable. 

Jub Jub’s childhood and educational background

Jub Jub was born on the 29th of June 1980 in Soweto, Orlando East and he is one of his parents’ five children. 

A natural-born entertainer, Jub Jub was drawn to music and performance from a very young age and he first shot to fame at the age of 10 when he was cast in the advert for Inkomazi. 

He then joined the SABC1 show- Jam Alley, and later, he landed a role in the Oliver Schmitz crime drama, Hijack Stories.

After completing his primary school studies, Jub Jub landed a scholarship at LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts in Manhattan, New York.

In 2006, Jub Jub launched his music career with the release of his debut album Rare Breed. It featured the hit song Good Time of Your Time which received massive airplay on radio and television. As a result of the success of the album, Jub Jub was invited to perform at the 2006 Metro FM Music Awards. 

He released his second album in 2007 titled My Shine which featured the award-winning hit song Ndikhokhele in collaboration with the Jaziel Brothers. The song sold over 150,000 copies and was nominated for several prestigious awards. 

In 2009, Jub Jub founded his record label, Rare Breed Entertainment, and collaborated closely with Sheer Music.

After serving his time in prison, Jub Jub turned his life around and returned to his career both in music and television.

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