Fun Facts About Jub Jub's Mysterious Wife

Her name is Zenith

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Jub Jub
Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, a.k.a Jub Jub, is one of the biggest entertainers in Msanzi. Not only has he produced some of the greatest hip-hop hits, but he has also graced our TV screens ever since he was a child.

And while we know a lot about Jub Jub’s life, from his time in jail, and his past relationships with Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo, which were surrounded by a lot of controversies, barely anything is known about Jub Jub's wife as he hasn't revealed much about his relationship.

In the spirit of quenching your curiosity, we have some juicy information Jub Jub's wife that you will love.

Who is Jub Jub's Wife?

Zenith Mia and Jub Jub, source: ZAlebs

According to sources, Jub Jub’s wife is called Zenith ‘Zee’ Mia. She is a beautiful brunette from Cape Town with Italian ancestry.

Reports also indicate that this mysterious woman who stole Jub Jub’s heart is the director of a music and entertainment firm based in Jo’burg called Rare Breed Entertainment.

Even though this marriage has been kept very private, it appears that besides being husband and wife, Jub Jub and Zenith are also business partners.

What's more, is that this woman has a great sense of fashion. If you've been wondering where Jub Jub gets his impeccable swag then it's none other than his wife.

How Did Zenith and Jub Jub Meet?

Jub Jub, source: Facebook

While many women are afraid of inmates and ex-convicts and wouldn’t even think twice about befriending them, leave alone dating them, it appears that Zenith Mia is of a different breed. The moment she first saw Jub Jub in prison uniform, she decided that he was the one for her.

In a past interview, Jub Jub disclosed that he met his future wife while serving his jail sentence for murder; how romantic is that?

Speaking to Metro FM in 2018, Jub Jub revealed that his wife had stuck with him throughout his lowest point in life.

"She was there before, she stood out through my prison term, through the trials and tribulations, she never judged me, she never cursed me, she never looked at me in a different kind of way." He said.
According to Jub Jub, their’s was love at first sight. He also revealed that his wife kept him strong while serving his jail term. Isn’t that sweet?

When Did Jub Jub and His Wife Get Married?

Jub Jub, source: Facebook

Given how private Jub Jub has kept his marriage and wife, it is pretty unclear when the two love birds got married.

However, it appears that the two might have married shortly after Jub Jub was released from prison in 2017, and the couple has been living in private bliss ever since.

Why Has Jub Jub Kept His Wife Private?

Jub Jub with his wife, source: ZAlebs

Given his past relationship history, it is easy to understand why Jub Jub has kept this relationship private. His past two public relationships ended sourly with sexual assault and physical violence accusations. There is a chance that he wants to enjoy this relationship privately without the public getting involved.

Another huge possibility that might have made Jub Jub and his wife to be low-key is that maybe Zenith Miadoes not like attention. I mean, she has never appeared in any of his pictures, and she is practically untraceable on social media- only a woman who doesn’t want to be found can hide that well.

Does Jub Jub And His Wife Have Children?

Jub Jub and his son, Christian, source: Instagram

Jub Jub and Zenith do not have any children together yet. However, Jub Jub has a son from his past relationship with musician Kelly Khumalo whom he is not allowed to see after Kelly accused Jub Jub of physically abusing her.

Do you have any other questions about Jub Jub’s wife? Let us know in the comments.

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