Date My Family: More interesting files on Mahoney

Here are a few things we just recently found out about Date My Family's recent bachelor, Mahoney.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Justine Mahoney  | Relationships


From pictures of him proposing to the guy gatecrashing someone's wedding and he is the brother of one of AKA's close friends.

Whilst we're sure most of you enjoyed Sunday night's episode of Date My Family, we're also pretty sure you were also camping on social media to find out more of Mahoney's background via Twitter files.

As expected, there is always something to dig up about these bachelors and bachelorettes. We also came across a few interesting pictures Mahoney, one of them includes a picture of the guy proposing to a girl at a club.

Sway sway

So does this mean he's engaged? We don't think so.

Firstly, the guy is proposing at a club, who proposes to their potential wife at a club? Secondly, if you look closely at the picture there is actually no ring on the lady's finger, so they were probably just having a bit of fun in the club.

Mahoney the wedding gatecrasher

We honestly don't think this is something to be ashamed of. Many of us have gatecrashed weddings in our lifetime, especially weddings that are held in the township.

Someone on social media put Mahoney on blast and mentioned that he once gatecrashed a friends wedding.

this guy

They even released their WhatsApp conversations about the gatecrashing incident.

No invite

And would you look at that, 702 radio personality Eusebius McKaizer also knows Mahoney pretty well, unfortunately he said he wouldn't be dishing out any files about the guy. Oh well.


Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic

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