Keke's new wife on marrying a serial groom

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Keke, who is only 39-years-old, has had two divorces already and has fathered three children - Kganya (16), Lesedi (13) and Azania (4).

His new wife, Paulina, who works as the manager of the municipal health services in Fezile Dabi District, Welkom, where the couple currently reside, told Drum Magazine she loves Keke regardless of his past.

"The jokes about him being a serial groom don't bother me at all. It's always been a non-issue with me and it always will be. I'm a very positive person, and I don't entertain anything negative about anyone," she told the publication.

Paulina said after their first date, she just knew he was the one.

“We just clicked. After that date, I knew he was the one but I didn’t go out and shout about it,” she said.

"This relationship is special to me. It's tailor-made for me. It's going to encourage people who have lost hope. I love him regardless of his past," she added.

The two only dated for five months before Keke paid lobola for her. They met in July 2014 at a church where Keke was preaching, and they had a traditional wedding in December.

Speaking about divorce, Keke said his past has taught him what to avoid in marriage.

"Firstly, I don't think anyone walks down the aisle with a plan to walk out. Secondly, age is not on my side. I am too old for the nonsense I've done before. And finally, I've learnt enough so far to know what to avoid," he said.

He added that the secret to making his current marriage work is to always admit to being the one who is wrong.

"My mentor, Onkgopotse Masekwaneng, has impressed on me to always be the wrong one then I'll have a happy marriage. I decided to be that, and I've been very happy," he said.

Keke and Paulina hinted that they will soon be having a white wedding in Johannesburg.

In 2013, Keke admitted that he cheated on his ex-wife Mpho, and that he had to go for anger management.

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