King Monada's Wedding - What You Didn't Know?

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Khutso Steven Kgatle known by his stage name ‘King Monada’ is one musician who has not been shy to share insights into his choices and family in public.

The Limpopo born star had been legally married Lerato Ramawela for a while as the only wife. This held up to 2021 when he got into another relationship with Cynthia Ntebatse Leon whom he was planning to marry. Later in 2021, King Monada made Cynthia Ntebatse Lion a fiancé.

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King Monada wife

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Lerato Ramawela is popularly known for being the wife of King Monada since he posts her especially during special occasions on social media. Lerato does however have one of those familiar faces.

That is because you might know the South African singer from the famous fainting dance (Idibala Malwedhe). She has been by his side long before the song became a hit. Long before the fame.

Lerato Ramawela and King Monada have been married for more than ten years. In February 2022, the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary when Monada renewed their vows by popping the question again to the wife of his youth. Even though Lerato is a hit maker, she is not active on social media and prefers to keep her personal and family life private.

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King Monada weddings - polygamy

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King Monada is currently in a polygamous relationship with two women. The first wife, does not look like she is irked at all by having a co-wife. Lerato Ramawela now has a co-wife: Cynthia Nthebatse. 

Usually, it is uncommon for celebrities to declare that they are polygamous without shame. King Monada is among those uncommon cases. The star has been happily married to two ladies.

At times, the wives are seen hanging out together with the family. Since they both made him a father, he built them double storey house where they stay as they raise the children. King Monada has two children namely Temoso and Kgothatso Junior.

A few months ago, he wowed Mzansi as he showed off his completed million dollar mansion and happy family.

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Due to his stand on polygamy, fans were not surprised when rumors began to circulate about him taking Winnie Mashaba as his third wife. The gospel singer came out to refuse any reports of being romantically involved with him after King Monada posted pictures of them together saying “I am in love.”. He claims he loves her like a sister.

King Monada addressed the situation stating that he was shocked by the rumors, and he views Winnie as a big sister and inspiration.

King Monada has managed to keep both wives happy since marrying them. Each of them owns a car, and they live lavishly with their children. The artist openly practices polygamy that is allowed according to his tradition and advocates for it.

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Once when the second wife did not agree with the first and was becoming ‘unmanageable’, it is said that he sent her back home to learn some manners from her mother.

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