Lady Du And Andile Mxakaza's Relationship

It ended in premium tears

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Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza

Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza are celebrity personalities in South Africa who had one of the most prolific and most discussed romantic relationships which was, unfortunately, short-lived.

While Lady Du is one of the most popular female Amapiano artists in South Africa who shot to fame a few years ago and has been able to dominate the charts, Andile Mxakaza on the other hand is an actor who is best known for his role as Fezile on Isibaya.

Here is everything you need to know about Andile Mxakaza and Lady Du’s epic relationship that had us all hoping for wedding bells.

Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza’s relationship

Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza, source: sahiphopza

Andile Mxakaza and Lady Du’s relationship goes way back to about ten years ago. The two dated for a couple of months but things didn't work out and so they broke up.

In April 2020 during the COVID pandemic when things were going south for everyone, Lady Du and Andile found each other again and rekindled their love. 

In an Instagram post, Lady Du later revealed that Andile had returned to her life at a time when she was going through the darkest time of her life. She had been discharged from the hospital and was still dealing with severe depression. Fortunately, the Isibaya actor was patient with her and helped her fight through and overcome the challenging period of her life. In her own words, Lady Du said that “it was like God had brought him straight from heaven.”

Things looked different, in a good way the second time around and the couple kept proving that they were serious about their relationship and showed all signs of spending the rest of their lives together.

The couple never shied away from showing the world how much they loved each other. They loved sharing the most beautiful photos of them together and long heartwarming posts where they proclaimed their love for one another.

Andile and Lady Du’s engagement

Andile Mxakaza and Lady Du, source: Instagram

Three months after rekindling their romance, Andile proposed to Lady Du and she said yes. In May 2021, Lady Du flaunted a bigger rock on her finger on Instagram while gushing over her fiance who had decided to upgrade the engagement ring.

In August 2021, the couple took their relationship a notch higher when they celebrated their first engagement anniversary with the most beautiful posts filled with sweet messages for one another.

Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza’s tattoos

Lady Du and Andile's matching tattoos, source: Instagram

When we say that Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza had every intention of spending the rest of their lives together we mean it. I mean what’s more permanent than ink, right?

In June 2021, the couple cemented their commitment to each other through matching King and Queen tattoos on their wrists and as usual, they went to Instagram to share the new goals with their fans on social media.

Lady Du posted the photo of their tattoos saying that she had found her soulmate, while Andile shared the same picture saying there was no him without her. Can you think of anything more romantic than that? Because we can’t.

Unfortunately for one of South Africa’s favourite couples, the matching tattoos were the final big stage in their relationship before they called it quits.

Why did Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza break up?

In January 2022, Andile and Lady Du broke their fans’ hearts when they announced their breakup on their respective Instagram accounts.

The couple who were very mature and civil in their breakup didn’t reveal the exact reason for their split besides that they had wanted different things from the relationship at the time and had decided to split.

Forever the gentleman, Andile Mxakaza took to Instagram to wish Lady Du all the best saying that he was sorry she had never found the peace she deserved in their relationship and that he supported her decision.

Lady Du on the other hand thanked Andile for the role he had played in her life and wished him all the best. 

Even though Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza are no longer together, the two remain to be good friends who still support each other when the occasion arises. Whether or not the two have found new partners has not yet been revealed. 

It is also unclear whether the two have any plans of ever getting back together. But what is clear is that the ways of the universe are strange and that if the two were meant to be, they will find each other again for the third time.

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