Lady Du's Husband Who Never Got To Be

The universe's ways are strange

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Lady Du, Lady Du

Duduzile Ngwenya, also known as Lady Du first came into the limelight a couple of years ago, but so far she has been able to make waves in the industry and pull millions of crowds.

And as one of the fastest-growing names in South Africa, Lady Du’s personal life is always a subject of curiosity among her fans.

Today we take a few minutes to answer your questions about who Lady Du’s husband-to-be was and how dating life is working out for the Amapiano artist/deejay.

Who is Lady Du’s husband?

Lady Du and her ex, Andile, source: Instagram

Lady Du’s husband, now ex-husband, is Andile Mxakaza. Like Lady Du, Andile is a prominent celebrity in South Africa who is a talented actor and has played several roles in a number of television shows and films.

Andile Mxakaza is best known for his role as Sgonondo on SABC1 Zone 14 and Fezile on Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya. Besides acting, Lady Du’s ex-husband is also a former model and an exercise specialist who has a keen interest in kickboxing.

Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza made one of the most enviable couples in town and everything about them screamed goals. They even got matching King and Queen tattoos on their wrists! How romantic is that?

Unfortunately for the two, their union was not meant to last and their marriage ended just as fast as it had begun.

When did Lady Du get married?

Lady Du's and Andile's matching tattoos, source: Instagram

Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza’s relationship goes way back. The two met over a decade ago and dated briefly but broke up. 

In April 2020, the universe brought the two back together and they rekindled their old romance. Lady Du disclosed that at the time when Andile came into her life, she was going through one of the most difficult phases in her life and he made things better.

After just three months of dating, Andile asked Lady Du to be his wife and she said yes. 

The couple, however, did not seem to be in a hurry to exchange vows as they were busy showering each other with love, getting each other gifts (like a second engagement ring,) and even getting inked together.

Why did Lady Du and Andile separate?

In January 2022, Lady Du and Andile broke the internet after news that they had broken up circulated.

The couple confirmed their separation and although it appeared that they had ended things in a civil and amicable breakup, it didn’t stop Mzansi’s keyboard warriors from talking, making assumptions, and taking sides.

Tweeps came after Lady Du and blamed the breakup on her with some insinuating that she had dumped Andile because she was gaining more prominence and earning more money than her husband who at the time was out of work after his Isibiya was canceled. 

Despite their breakup, Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza have no bad blood between them and remain to be good friends who support each other. Andile often shares photos of Lady Du’s promotional posters on his Instagram and a few months back when Lady Du had an emotional outburst about her manager mistreating her, Andile came through and backed her story.

In as much as we love ex-lovers’ drama, we must admit that there is something noble about exes who act civilly after breakups.

Lady Du’s children

Lady Du with her daughter, source: Instagram

Even though Lady Du and Andile Mpisane were not blessed with any children together, Lady Du has a child from her previous relationship.

Her child is an adorable little girl called Mia who looks just like Lady Du and gives us a glimpse of what the musician might have looked like when she was little.

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