Who Is Lady Zamar's Husband?

Is she married?

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Lady Zamar
Yamikani Janet Banda better known as Lady Zamar is an award winning singer and songwriter who first rose to fame when she partnered with Junior Taurus to release their popular album- Cotton Candy, and she has continued to grow even after launching her solo career.

Over the years, Lady Zamar’s personal life has been a subject of curiosity and interest with her marital status and the identity of her husband (if she is married) topping the charts.

Here is everything you need to know about Lady Zamar’s husband (if she has one), as well as a look back at some of the people that she has been linked to in the past.

Who is Lady Zamar’s husband?

According to several sources, Lady Zamar is currently unmarried and she does not have a husband and it’s unclear if she is currently in a relationship as she is quite private about the affairs of her heart.

Despite trying hard to keep her relationship private, Lady Zamar has been in a couple of high-profile relationships that we got to know of. Here are some of her former boyfriends.


Lady Zamar and Sjava, source: ZAlebs

A few years back, Lady Zamar was in a low-key relationship with artist and actor- Jabulani Hadebe who is better known as Sjava

The ex-couple who began dating in 2017 kept their relationship very private and the public only got to know about it after two years when they had already broken up.

The next months after Sjava and Lady Zamar broke up were quite dramatic as Lady Zamar publicly opened up about the abuse and toxicity she had endured during the relationship.

She publicly accused Sjava of raping her during their relationship in an incident that according to her happened in September 2017 at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo after they both performed. Giving her account of the incident on Twitter, Lady Zamar explained that after their performances, Sjava invited her to his room and raped her.

After making her accusations, Lady Zamar proceeded to officially sue Sjava on the 14th of November 2019 who denied the rape allegations. 

The case was eventually thrown out by the  National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) due to the lack of sufficient evidence and facts to support the prosecution.

Faustino Muhongo

Lady Zamar and Faustino Muhongo, source: Instagram

In late 2019, rumours emerged that Lady Zamar was in a relationship with a hunky Angolan model called Faustino Muhongo.

The rumours escalated to a point where it was believed that the model was Lady Zamar’s husband and the two had exchanged vows in a secret wedding. This was after wedding photos and videos of the “couple” emerged online.

In March 2020, the whole situation was laid to rest when Lady Zamar released the video for her hit single More and More and it emerged that the photos and videos had been a promotion strategy for her song.
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