Lebo Gunguluza's Two Divorces

Marriage doesn't agree with him

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Lebo Gunguluza
Lebo Gunguluza is currently one of the most eligible bachelors in South Africa; this is after his second marriage ended in divorce. 

Lebo is a self-made millionaire who has been through a lot of ups and a fair share of downs. The prolific businessman whose net worth is roughly around 20 million has been married twice and divorced twice. His latest divorce to Lebo Jojo Mokoena was finalized in 2021.

Lebo Gunguluza’s first marriage and divorce

Lebo Gungulaza, credit: Gunguluza's Instagram

In the early 2000s, Lebo Gunguluza had started reaping the benefits of his hard work. His company, Gunguluza Enterprises, and Media (GEM) was doing incredibly well, and he had made his first million. 

He got married for the first time in 2000 although, despite his prominence, very little is known about his first wife.

Things went south pretty fast for the couple as Lebo’s financial decisions and lavish lifestyle put them in debt, and his business almost crumbled. In an attempt to save the company, Lebo Gunguluza sold his Porsche and fired his employees. His wife had to take over the management of their restaurant in Rosebank.

As things got worse for the entrepreneur, his wife decided to end their eight-year marriage in 2008 when she asked for a divorce. It is alleged that she kept ownership of the restaurant after the divorce.

Since it appeared that life was hitting Lebo from all angles, many people thought that he had hit rock bottom, which might have been true. However, like the phoenix, Gunguluza rose from the ashes of his dead first marriage and soared again.

Lebo Gunguluza and Lebo Mokoena’s divorce

The Lebo Gunguluzas' wedding, source: Forbes Africa

After years of living the bachelor life, Lebo Gunguluza finally married his second wife, who, like him, was called Lebo too. 

Lebo’s second ex-wife Lebo Jojo Mokoena is a reality TV star famous for the Real Housewives of Johannesburg reality TV show. After marriage, she took up her husband’s surname, and the two Lebo Gunguluzas had their fun confusing Mzansi.

Everyone thought that the two were perfect for each other, so when the couple got married in 2017, nobody suspected that it would end in divorce. 

Their wedding was one of a kind that got news outlets talking for weeks. For starters, it was held in the beautiful Islands of Mauritius. The wedding ceremony was an invite-only event, and the couple flew in their 30 guests to witness their lavish affair and made sure that they were all booked into 5-star hotel rooms. Don’t we all need friends like these?

However, shortly after the wedding, rumors started flying around that there was trouble in paradise. The first hit on their marriage was a leaked sex tape that was released in 2017; the couple blamed it on the thief who stole Lebo Mokoena’s phone.

Although the couple never confirmed nor denied the rumors about having a shaky marriage, it turns out that there was some truth in the rumors.

Lebo Gunguluza, ex-wife, and son, source: Lebo Gunguluza

In March 2021, after a lot of speculation from the public, Gunguluza came forward and announced his second divorce

Gunguluza clarified in an Instagram post that he and Mokoena had been separated for over a year, and they were finalizing their divorce.

He also made it clear that the two would continue being friends and co-parents to their son. With the separation, Lebo Mokoena dropped the Gunguluza name and reverted to her maiden name on her social media accounts.

The Lebos were very civil about their divorce, and to date, they have not revealed why they decided to call quits to their marriage.

Recently Lebo Gunguluza shared a post on Instagram where he advised people to make money first, then look for love.

Since he has already made lots of money, do you think that this is a clarification that he is ready to love again?

Main image credit: Lebo Gunguluza's Instagram
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