Liesl Laurie and ProVerb - What Is Love?

All beginnings have an end

By  | Jun 29, 2022, 04:00 PM  | Relationships

image of Liesl Laurie and ProVerbs
If there were lovers that graced our media almost eight years ago it was Liesl Laurie and ProVerb. The lovebirds were so perfect that no one knew that they could ever part ways.

Liesl Laurie, who is a Tv and Radio presenter and former Miss South Africa 2015, had a great love story with the South African rapper Tobego Thekisho a.k.a ProVerb. The two however called it quits after three years of dating, leaving their fans devastated.

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Liesl Laurie and ProVerb met during the Miss SA event in 2015 where ProVerb was the host and Liesl Laurie was the winning contestant. ProVerb who was just out of a failed marriage of 10 years approached the Miss SA 2015 beauty, and that is how the two ended up together. 

At first, they maintained a low profile, however, the eventually adorned the media with their love story that everyone admired. The two made vacation trips across the world to places like New York, Mexico and Jamaica, their love life was goals for many.

However, after a two year intense love affair with each flaunting the other on their social media, the pair suddenly deleted all their relationship evidence on social media. Usually, this is always a step taken by most celebrities who break up, to silently send a message to their fans with no need for explanation. The media finally confirmed that the duo had called it quits in 2018.

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Why Liesl Laurie and ProVerb broke up

All beginnings have an end; however, Liesl Laurie and Proverb’s ending came abruptly. ProVerb deleted all photos of Liesl on his Instagram page. While Liesl too did the same, she left a few pictures of her and her ex-lover on her page.

According to sources, the duo ended it because Proverbs was not spending quality time with Liesl, instead, he was always with his children. ‘Yes it is true, but do not write about this’ confirmed Liesl on their break up issue.

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According to sources ProVerb had promised to be a great father to his children despite having divorced his wife. Maybe while he was trying to keep his words, he failed to spend enough time with Liesl Laurie.

The two henceforth pursued their own goals and found other perfect partners. Although Liesl moved on and even got married, ProVerb has never shared any updates on his current relationship status.

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Liesl Laurie’s Husband

After Liesl Laurie and ProVerb ended their love, Liesl was lucky to find her  Mr. Right few months later. The man known as Musa Muthombeni met Liesl Laurie at an event where he befriended her.

They later decided to seal their relationship by tying a knot in a colorful white wedding. Musa Muthombeni is a TV presenter and a medical doctor. The couple wedded on September 2021 and ever since, they have been sharing a great romantic lifestyle on social media.

The duo is as well ambassadors for the Carling Black Label’s #NoExcuse Bride Armour campaign. The love that Dr. Musa Mothombeni  is showering Liesl with is too much such that most fans are already forgetting if Liesl Laurie and ProVerb were ever a thing.

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