Masasa Mbangeni admits that vanilla men are attracted to her

White men love giving her that extra attention.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Masasa Mbangeni  | Relationships


During a candid interview on WTF with Tumi, the actress admitted that she tends to attract men of the opposite race.

The topic about white men came about when Tumi's co-host - Glen admitted that he was in love with Masasa back in the day when the three of them were in a play together.

The conversation then led to the vanilla topic where Masasa explained that she's been told numerous times that white men have a great interest in her.

"I've actually gone on a date, and someone said to me, 'ja so I heard that you date vanilla' but it's not like that, they just like me." 

Tumi went on to add that she's gone out with Masasa several times and she's seen how white men look at her.

Masasa went on to add that she is back on the market as a single woman.


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Main Image Credit: Facebook/etv