Is The African Queen Master KG's Wife?

Does this make him the African King?

By  | May 12, 2022, 02:36 PM  | Master KG  | Relationships

Master KG and Makhadzi,

Kgaogelo Moagi, professionally known as Master KG is an award-winning South African musician who is best known for his international hit Jerusalema and for pioneering the Bolobedu dance.

The Limpopo-born musician officially launched his career in 2016, and in his less than a decade-long career, he has been able to create a name for himself beyond Africa by making songs that became internationally acclaimed and collaborating with some big international names like Burna Boy, David Guetta, and Akon.

And while Master KG’s talent is enough to keep people talking about him, his relationships have also been something of interest to his fans and the public in general. 

If you are among those who have been wondering who Master KG’s wife is then read on to find out all the answers.

Who is Master KG’s wife?

Master KG with his mother and Makhadzi

As of May 2022, Master KG is not officially married although the artist is in a relationship with Makhadzi and the two seem pretty serious in their relationship.

Although it is unclear whether Master KG has paid lobola for Makhadzi, the Jerusalema hitmaker has been referring to the African Queen as his wife and recently even introduced her to his mother

Do these little acts of seriousness make Makhadzi Master KG’s wife? We think they count, but what do you think?

Makhadzi and Master KG's relationship

Master KG and Makhadzi have had quite a rollercoaster of a relationship and although the two seem to be in a great place right now, not everyone is ecstatic about the two rekindling their relationship, especially a faction of Makhadzi’s fans.

The two Limpopo-born artists who have worked together on a number of projects were an item until August 2020 when they announced their split.

Master KG screenshot

Although the two did not reveal the reasons for their breakup and maintained that they would continue working together as friends, it didn’t stop speculations from people who alleged that Master KG had been cheating on Makhadzi with a woman identified as Queen Lolly.

Towards the end of 2021, Master KG and Makhadzi rekindled their romance and confirmed that they were back together when they shared a kiss on stage during a live concert, with Master KG telling fans that he would be leaving them in the hands of his wife.

Their reunion was received with mixed feelings and while a good number of their fans had been wishing they would get back together, some of Makhadzi’s fans were a bit skeptical about Master KG’s reasons for getting back with their African Queen and some even took it too far and labeled him as an opportunist who only wanted Makhadzi back because of her rising fame and success.

We think that the two are just a couple in love and possibly even soulmates, for those who believe in soulmates. We also hope to see a day when Makhadzi will officially be Master KG’s wife.

Master KG and Queen Lolly's relationship

Queen Lolly, source: Instagram

Shortly after Makhadzi and Master KG broke up in 2020, Sunday World published a story about an upcoming musician identified as Queen Lolly Sgananda who claimed that she was pregnant with Master KG’s child.

Queen Lolly who is listed on Wikipedia as Master KG’s wife revealed that she had first gotten into contact with Master KG as she was interested in working with him, but instead of working with him in the studio, the two ended up having an affair and they never used protection.

According to Queen Lolly, after she told Master KG that she was pregnant, the Skeleton Move hitmaker denied being responsible and asked her to abort the unborn child. Queen Lolly revealed that she no longer wanted anything to do with Master KG and that she intended on keeping her unborn child and raising her.

It is not clear how things escalated past that between Master KG and Queen Lolly and we are yet to know if Master KG became a father after all.

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