Leeroy And Mihlali Rumoured To Have Broken Up

The couple have reportedly called it quits

By  | Apr 23, 2023, 01:59 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Relationships

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Mihlali Ndamase and her soon-to-be divorced boyfriend, Leeroy Sidambe have been hit with break up rumours once again. ZiMoja reports that Mihlali and Leeroy hit a rough patch and the beauty influencer reportedly saw it best to just end things.

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When Mihlali was spotted with a broken leg, many assumed that she and Leeroy had an argument. Soon after, break up rumours swirled but they debunked them when they were spotted together.

A friend told the blog that Leeroy and Mihlali have now decided to call it quits.

“People were entitled to have different opinions about their relationship which was not helping them, so it became too much for both of them," said one source to the publication.

"Eventually it was going to end because there are people who were always feeding both Leeroy and Mihlali information that created insecurities in their relationship,” said another.

Mihlali once opened up about how she and Leeroy met. “I was charmed from the beginning, from the moment I spoke to this man. We were on the phone for six weeks until he couldn't wait any longer,” she said on Instagram live.

“I caught feelings. Love him like it's day one, from the moment we met we both just knew. Our first kiss was on the first day we met. He claims he did not know who I am.”

She was a guest on L-Tido's podcast where she opened up about dating a man who had filed for a divorce from his wife.

“He is not divorced legally but it's a long process. We've seen people file for divorce but still continue with their lives and they do get into relationships. That's the situation my partner and I are in, that's the reality of things,” she said.

“I've watched and let people say whatever they want, because I am not going to be clarifying a situation. I am dating him. Everything else I feel I do not have a right to speak on. Don't make me the face of something that has nothing to do with me.”

She opened up more about her relationship in an interview with Nounouche saying she is “crazy in love.”

“I don’t see the need to speak about my relationships. I will only speak openly of my relationship when I am married.”

“The timing to post each other was not right. He posted and I reposted his story. People will always have their opinions, it doesn’t affect me. I am a firm believer in living my life the way I do. I also understand the responsibility I have as a public figure so I am conscious about it.”

“Another important thing is that men are not possessions, you don’t just take and run with it. People are responsible for themselves. We make it seem like these men cannot think for themselves and in that regard, we never hold them to the same standards we hold women.”

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