Unathi Nkayi And Minnie Dlamini's Friendship Goals

Friends who became sisters

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Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini
There is an old Irish proverb that says “A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.” Nobody understands this better than celebrities. When you are rich and famous, it gets hard to distinguish a true friend from an opportunist. 

Luckily for some of our celebrities, they have been able to make and keep true friends and two of these lucky celebrities are Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini.

Here are a few memorable times when Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini served us hot friendship goals.

When they worked together on Festive Get-Together In The Life Artois

Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini, source: Instagram

Along with being ride-or-die friends, Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini have also worked together on set.

In December 2021, the two friends appeared in season two of the popular Mzansi Magic’s talk show, Festive Get-Together in the Life Artois where Unathi Nkayi was the host and Minnie Dlamini was a guest at the show and their on-screen chemistry was equally as alive as their off-screen chemistry.

Their fun-filled vacations

When they are both not busy working, Minnie and Unathi take time to go on vacations to chill and unwind.

On the last day of 2021, a video of Unathi, Minnie, and a few of their other friends dancing in bikinis went viral. The group of friends were vacationing in Cape Town and in the video, they were doing the Nkoa Tempela dance challenge.

We think it’s very refreshing to find friends who bring out each other's playful and fun side to life. What do you think?

When Minnie Dlamini announced her pregnancy and Unathi couldn’t hide her excitement

Screenshot of Minnie Dlamini's Instagram

In September 2020, Minnie Dlamini officially announced that she was expecting her first child with her then-husband Quinton Jones. 

While the internet went crazy with her fans sending in congratulatory messages, her bestie Unathi Nkayi took to the comments section of Minnie’s post to reveal her excitement at the revelation.

Apparently, Unathi had known about Minnie Dlamini’s pregnancy but like a good friend, she had kept the secret to herself, hard as it was given that she had obviously been very excited. How sweet is that?

How they always celebrate each other's accomplishments

A screenshot of Minnie Dlamini's Instagram

A good and sincere friend is one who mourns with you when you lose and celebrates your wins- both big and small with you. Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini’s friendship is all about these.

On a number of occasions, the two besties have taken to social media to gush over each other’s achievements over the years.

In 2020 when Unathi was featured on the cover of Glamour Magazine, Minnie Dlamini took to Instagram to share the magazine cover along with a long heartwarming message where she congratulated her friend.

The two friends also always celebrate each other’s special days like birthdays and they always leave the sweetest messages for each other on social media.

Since Minnie Dlamini announced her divorce from Quinton Jones, there have been a lot of talks (mostly negative) going around about the breakup. We understand how negative people can bring others down and we are glad that Minnie has a friend to lean on in these difficult times. And what’s better is that Unathi Nkayi is a divorcee too so she definitely understands what Minnie is going through.

Do you have a solid friendship like Minnie Dlamini to Unathi Nkayi's? Who is your ride-or-die friend?

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