Zee's rumor of the week: Minnie Dlamini's wedding to take place offshore

Oh, but the life of the famous is a fabulous one.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Relationships


We guess Thembisa Mdoda and the rest of the OPW crew will have to get their bags and passports ready to cover, probably one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year. Oh but wait, that's if they're invited.

The entertainment rumor mill is always filled with interesting stories that will have abho mamghobozi chit-chatting for hours or even weeks on end.

A rumour that has been making its rounds lately is of Minnie's wedding. 

Everybody wants to know about Minnie's wedding preparations unfortunately for us, Minnie and her close family and friends have remained tight-lipped about the entire process.

All Minnie has shared lately is how her fiance' proposed and that she's been a bit M.I.A in these Twitter streets because she is preparing for the biggest event of her life.

Minnie Dlamini

But apparently, someone in her team may have let a bit of information slip. The rumor is that Minnie's white wedding may take place offshore, basically, it's alleged that she's not going to have the wedding in the country or at least the white wedding we presume.

We struggle to think that she may have her traditional wedding offshore as well, that just wouldn't make sense, the Zulu girl would probably prefer to have her traditional wedding at home in KZN, no?


If the rumor is true, we can only wonder which country she and Quinton will be exchanging their vows. Maybe in Paris? or Maybe on a tropical Island like Mauritius?

But the way Minnie has been so quiet, she might just pull a fast one on all of us and announce that she already had a wedding and before you know it, just like Nandi and Zakes, Minnie will then post only one or two pictures of her wedding pictures for the world to see.

Remember how low key Zakes and Nandi's wedding was? 

Those two didn't even announce that they were engaged. One minute they were dating the next...BOOM...this picture of Nandi in a white gown appeared.


All we can do now is patiently wait for Minnie's extra special day.

Main Image credit: Instagram/@MinnieDlamini