The Moshe Ndiki And SK Khoza Story

Couple or not?

By  | Jun 14, 2022, 10:00 AM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Relationships

Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza

Who are Moshe Ndiki and Sk Khoza?

A few months ago, Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza trended after videos of them cosying up to each other went viral and left Mzansi confused as to what was really going on between them.

To understand what the deal is between Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza, you first need to understand who the two personalities are.

Sthembiso Khoza, aka SK Khoza, is an award-winning actor who has a role in The Queen as Shaka. He is also the older brother of Abdul Khoza who is also an award-winning actor known for his role in The Wife.

Moshe Ndiki on the other hand is a talented comedian known for his self-deprecating humor that millions of people can relate to. He first gained fame from his YouTube videos and quickly became a national sensation besides growing his fan base, he also landed a couple of roles on mainstream television shows like Gomorrah and The Queen. He and SK Khoza probably met on the set of The Queen.

Let’s now dive into the Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza’s spicy relationship, their past relationships and if there is really something cooking between them.

What happened between Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza?

In late February 2022, the handsome actors broke the internet after they posted videos of them sharing intimate moments.

In one video, SK Khoza was massaging Moshe Ndiki’s feet and serenading him, while in another Tik Tok clip, he was praising Moshe Ndiki’s manicured toes.

While half the internet was confused about the nature of their relationship and a few concluded that the two friends had decided to take things to the next stage, some tweeps were quick to bash them for posting such videos while the country was mourning the loss of Riky Rick who had died a day or two before.

What made things confusing is the fact that even though Moshe Ndiki is an openly gay man, SK Khoza on the other hand had always identified as a heterosexual and was even previously engaged to a woman.

So, back to the question- what is the deal between Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza? Since rumours that the two were an item went viral, the two have not commented on whether they are together or not, but their previous relationships are dead and that may give us clues. Here is how things ended between Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza and their exes.

Moshe Ndiki’s past relationship

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala, source: Instagram

Until only recently, Moshe Ndiki was in a high-profile relationship with musician Phelo Bala and the two even wedded in a beautifully intimate wedding in 2019.

Their relationship was marred with accusations of domestic violence, jealousy, and alcohol abuse and more than once we were served with the couple’s drama fresh from the court with both of them getting court orders against each other.

After two years of wedded “bliss,” Phelo and Moshe Ndiki joined the class of divorcees as they announced the end of their marriage in March 2022 just a few weeks after Moshe Ndiki and SK Khoza’s viral video. 

Talking about his divorce, Moshe Ndiki, who is a father of one, revealed that he had plans of remarrying since he loved marriage and he loved love. So when he talked about remarrying, did he have SK Khoza in mind? I guess we will find out in due time.

SK Khoza’s past relationship

SK Khoza with Ayanda Hlowangwane, source: Instagram

SK Khoza has always identified as a heterosexual man which is why his recent stunt with Moshe left fans shocked.

If you can remember, SK Khoza was engaged to Ayanda Hlowangwane and in 2021, the couple were expecting their first child but unfortunately, Ayanda suffered a miscarriage.

Following their breakup, Ayanda disclosed claims that the actor had been physically abusive and his assault had led her to her miscarriage. 

Countering the accusations, SK Khoza took to social media to deny the abuse allegations but this did not sit well with Ayanda who blasted him with a long list of counter-statements. You can read about it all here.

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