Msawawa sets the record straight about his relationship status

Rumour has it that the Kwaito star has a new bae

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Msawawa  | Relationships

Msawawa has a new bae?

Sunday Sun recently reported that the kwaito star is apparently now in a new relationship with a girl by the name of Smangele. 

According to the Sunday paper, rumours about their relationship ran amok after pictures of the Kwaito star and the young lady surfaced on social media.

Msawawa who is currently busy promoting his joint single with Mzambiya titled - iMoto kashukela set the record straight by mentioning that he takes pictures with a lot of girls and that he has no control over what is said about him online.


"I take pictures with fans every day. I pose with a lot of girls and don't have control over what they write when they post their pictures."

The only public relationship Msawawa has ever been known for was his engagement to his ex-fiance' Angela. Last year Msawawa confirmed to Channel 24 that he and Angela had indeed gone their separate ways as the relationship was just not working. 

"Angela and I have different lives now, but we are still talking. We decided to focus on other things. I am focusing on my life and she is also focusing on her life. That's what people do when things are not working out."

Msawawa paid lobola for Angela back in 2013 but the two never got married.

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