The Story About Mutodi Neshehe And His Wife

True love never dies

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Mutodi Neshehe and his wife

On 1st July 2021, South Africa suffered the loss of one of its most talented actors- Mutodi Neshehe.

Mutodi Neshehe was known for his numerous roles in popular films and television series including Generations, The Queen, Muvhango, and Rockville, just to name a few.

But while South Africa mourned the loss of great talent, his family mourned an even greater loss- a father, a husband, a son, and a brother.

While he was alive, Mutodi Neshehe and his wife often dominated the media headlines for the publicized ups and downs of their relationship which despite all odds still managed to thrive.

Here is everything you didn’t know about the late Mutodi Neshehe and his wife’s relationship.

Who was Mutodi Neshehe’s wife?

Mutodi Neshehe's wife, source: Facebook

Until his untimely death, Mutodi Neshehe was married to a beautiful American woman of caucasian ancestry called Leslee Neshehe.

The two met in 2003 at a restaurant in the USA where Mutodi had gone to study. In her tribute to Mutodi, Leslee disclosed that theirs was love at first sight, and soon after meeting, they started dating.

When Mutodi moved back to South Africa, he asked Leslee to go with him and in 2004, she flew across the ocean to be with the man of her dreams.

The couple got married in a traditional wedding ceremony and were happy together although, like all marriages, theirs had issues too.

Did Mutodi Neshehe and his wife divorce?

The late Mutodi Neshehe, source: Instagram

Mutodi Neshehe and his wife Leslee separated in 2018 and began their divorce proceedings after the two figured out that their relationship dynamics had changed.

During the couple’s ugly separation which saw the actor move out of his matrimonial home, Mutodi disclosed to Drum Magazine that his wife wanted to take everything including their children.

The separation was a difficult time for the couple and their family. At some point, Mutodi was accused of attacking Leslee’s male friend who was visiting her. Only a man who is still in love can do that, right?

In 2020, Mutodi Neshehe and his wife reconciled and the family even spent that year’s Christmas together. With the reconciliation process complete, Mutodi had plans of moving back into their family home in Honeydew, Johannesburg but unfortunately, he fell ill with COVID which claimed his life.

Mutodi Neshehe and his wife’s children

The late Mutodi Neshehe, his wife and children, source: Facebook

The late Mutodi  Neshehe and his wife were blessed with two beautiful daughters named Alexis Love Neshehe and Sadeen Belle Nashehe.

The actor was very fond of his two girls and took parenting very seriously. He clearly enjoyed spending time with them and often posted the cutest photos of them on Instagram.

During his funeral, Mutodi Neshehe’s daughters paid tribute to him where they both expressed their love for their dad and wished he had continued to live on. It is apparent that his passing left a huge gap that can never be filled.

Mutodi Neshehe’s funeral

On 7th July 2021, a memorial service where social distance was observed was conducted at the actor’s home at 929 Casabella Estate, Taylor Road, Honeydew Manor in Johannesburg.

A funeral service was then held on 8th July 2021 at Doxa Deo Church. Mutodi Neshehe’s body was buried at Westpark Cemetery.

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