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Not all polygamy marriages last

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Ngizwe Mchunu
Ngizwe Mchunu is a South African radio personality, DJ and a sangoma. He was a radio presenter at SABC’s Ukhozi FM but got fired after he reportedly breached company confidentiality.

After leaving Ukhozi FM, Ngizwe went on to start his own online radio station called Ngizwe Mchunu FM in 2019 with an aim of playing and promoting traditional music.

Ngizwe Mchunu is also a proud polygamist man who has been married thrice. This article looks at who Ngizwe Mchunu’s wives are and how their marriage works.

Ngizwe Mchunu’s first wife

Ngizwe Mchunu with his first wife, source: Instagram

The first of Ngizwe Mchunu’s wives is Sphelele Nxumalo. The couple has been married for more than ten years now and they have been through lots of ups and downs but their marriage seems to be unshaken even in the presence of other parties.

In 2014, Sphelele Nxumalo took Ngizwe Mchunu to court to attempt to nullify Mchunu’s marriage to his third wife because the radio presenter had failed to comply with the requirements of traditional African marriage that mandates a man wishing to take another wife to first submit an application to the court to approve a written contract regulating the matrimonial property in this system of marriage. 

Following Sphelele’s appeal at the court, Ngizwe Mchunu’s second and third marriages were nullified but it seems that he was somehow able to save them.

In 2016, Ngizwe Mchunu and his first wife who had reconciled since their court drama, renewed their wedding vows as they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

It is unclear what Sphelele Nxumalo does and her background has not been provided. It is also not clear whether or not Ngizwe and Sphelele have any children together.

Ngizwe Mchunu’s second wife

The second of Ngizwe Mchunu’s wives is Lindiwe Khuzwayo. His marriage to Lindiwe was nullified in 2014 after his wife took him to court but it’s not clear if he parted ways with Lindiwe even after Sphelele’s win.

A few years back, Ngizwe Mchunu was reportedly arrested and charged with assault after he reportedly physically assaulted his second wife- Lindiwe.

The incident reportedly took place at Mchunu’s home in Khuzwayo's house in Phoenix where Lindiwe sustained injuries. She reported Mchunu to the police who was arrested and released on bail.

In May 2022, some tabloids reported that Ngizwe Mchunu’s second wife- Lindiwe had been remarried to musician Sjava who is also a polygamist with three other wives. This information has not been verified by both parties.

Ngizwe Mchunu’s third wife

Ngizwe Mchunu's third wife, source: Instagram

The third and last of Ngizwe Mchunu’s wives is  Floda Mthimkhulu who is an RnB musician. Floda became one of Ngizwe Mchunu’s wives in 2015 when she was still a teenager.

In 2021, Floda revealed that she had divorced Ngizwe Mchunu and had changed her surname back to Mthimkhulu.

Asked about her reasons for leaving her polygamous marriage, Floda disclosed that her marriage to Mchunu nearly ruined her career as a musician as event organizers didn’t want to be involved with her the minute they learned that she was Mchunu’s wife.

We wish her all the best in her new life as a newly single woman.  

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