Is Ntando Duma's Baby Daddy Back In The Picture?


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Ntando Duma
Born in 1995 in Orange Farm, Johannesburg in a humble family headed by her single mother and her grandmother, Ntando Duma has grown to surpass the ambitions that many may have had of her.

The glamorous media personality balances many careers at hand. She is an award-winning actress, a model, and a television personality who has gained the favour of over four million fans on social media.

In addition to her hectic career in the media industry, Ntando Duma is also a mother to a beautiful little star. 

Here is everything you need to know about Ntando Duma’s baby daddy, her adorable daughter, as well as the new man in her life.

Ntando Duma’s daughter

Ntando Duma with her daughter, source: Instagram

On the 28th of June 2017, Ntando Duma welcomed her first child into the world- a daughter called Sbahle Lisakhanya Mzizi.

The little girl who recently turned five years old is already making big waves and has earned a spot as a young star.

Ntando Duma’s daughter already commands a following of one million on Instagram, but that’s not all. The little adorable girl also recently won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award and she is only getting started.

Who is Ntando Duma’s baby daddy

Junior De Rocka with his daughter, source: Instagram

The father of Ntando Duma’s daughter, aka Ntando Duma’s baby daddy, is Mthembu Junior Mzizi who is popularly known by his stage name- Junior De Rocka. 

Junior De Rocka is a 30-year-old two-time Platinum selling South African DJ who was born and raised in Kwa-Mashu, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka broke up a few months into Ntando’s pregnancy in a very bitter break-up after Junior De Rocka allegedly had an affair. Ntando who later revealed that Junior De Rocka had been her first boyfriend later revealed in an interview with Anele Mdoda that she had lived in denial for a long time before she finally accepted that her relationship was over.

In 2019, Ntando Duma took to Twitter to accuse Junior De Rocka of neglecting his parental responsibilities after he donated a variety of things to a school. Junior De Rocka denied the allegations and the two went on to have a bitter confrontation.

Despite the ugly past, Ntando Duma’s baby daddy and herself seem to have moved past their differences and are mature co-parents. Proving just how cool the two are with their relationship, in 2021, Ntando Duma hosted Junior De Rocka’s birthday party

While Sbahle Mzizi primarily lives with her mother, she also gets to spend time with her father who often shares beautiful photos of their cute father-daughter moments.

Ntando Duma’s boyfriend

Since parting ways with the father of her child, Ntando Duma has kept a low profile of her dating life and seems to be focused solely on raising her little girl.

Although she has tried to be private, her efforts have not stopped social media snoops from digging into her life and trying to figure out who she is dating.

In late 2021, several sources alleged that she was dating a content producer and director identified as Blessings Gama. The speculations began after the two were seen together on several occasions and they appeared like a real couple.

Neither Ntando Duma nor Blessings Gama has addressed the dating allegations and until they are confirmed we will continue treating them as rumours.

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