Meet Ntando Duma's Beautiful Sisters And Mother

Beauty runs in this family

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Ntando Duma
Ntando Duma is a South African media personality who balances careers as an actress, a television personality, and a model.

Born in 1995 and raised in a humble background, Ntando has risen to become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, but that’s not all there is to her.

Besides her work in Showbiz, Ntando Duma is also a family woman and she is surrounded by supportive and talented women who are just as beautiful as she is, both inside and out.

Here is a look at all of Ntando Duma’s siblings who have a striking resemblance, and their parents.

Ntando Duma’s siblings

Ntando, Thando, and Amanda, source: Instagram

Ntando Duma comes from a family of all girls and she is the last born. She has three sisters namely, Thando, Lindo and Amanda.

Although Ntando Duma is certainly the most famous among her sisters, she certainly isn’t the only famous one. 

Her older sister, Thando Duma, who goes by the stage name Lady Amar is also an established entertainment personality. She is an award-winning DJ, a vocalist, and an entrepreneur who owns her own cosmetic line called Amar Lips.

Good looks and youth run in this family and often, people tend to believe that Ntando and Thando Duma who always share photos of themselves posing to each other are twins, but they are not. Thando is older than Ntando.

Not much is known about Ntando Duma’s other sisters as they are not in the entertainment industry. However, Amanda who is a beauty content creator, makeup artist, and model often models with her sisters- Thando and Ntando for Amar Lips products.

Ntando Duma’s parents

Lady Amar with her mother, source: Instagram

Ntando Duma and her sisters were raised by their single mother, Kayisile Zulu with the help of their grandmother.

The girls were born in Soweto and raised in Orange Farm township, Johannesburg and they had a humble upbringing. In a past interview with Drum, Ntando revealed that they lived in a shack at some point when they were growing up.

Ntando Duma’s father was an alcoholic and whenever he got drunk, he was abusive to the girls and their mother. He left them when Ntando Duma was three years old, and passed on in 2008.

The girls’ mother is a teacher who is blessed with both beauty and brains. She recently graduated from UNISA. Celebrating her mother, Ntando Duma’s sister Lady Amar took to Instagram to share a moving message to her mother.

“My mom collected her honours today! This is actually her 3rd belt. 🥺🫶🏾 please talk to her nice. 🤣❤️” she began.

“You are truly a living proof that beauty and brains can go together well. Congratulations for achieving the honours nkosyam mama! I am so proud of you, thank you for being an inspiration to us all. I love you so much my graduate.🥹❤️👩‍🎓,” she continued.
As a sign of appreciation, the sisters built their mother a beautiful home in 2021. 
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