#OPW: Celebrating Sibusiso and Selaelo's matrimony

A perfect wedding for Selaelo and Sbu.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Relationships

Selaelo and Sbu's perfect wedding

This was undoubtedly a perfect wedding although Jessica Nkosi almost took all the attention away from the couple, thanks to her beauty.

Apart from the rings in the wine and the long kiss, Sbu and Selaelo's wedding was a dream. Someone else who was also a dream was Jessica Nkosi. Jessica, was so gorgeous some of us even forgot about the bride and groom and focused all our attention on her.

Even some of OPW's Facebook friends were captured by how gorgeous Jessica looked.

Twitter which is known for its shade towards Jessica was also this time around captured by her beauty , shame she really took the attention away from the bride and groom but it was all unintentional though. Jessica is too sweet of a lady to be hogging so much attention.

Anyway back to the couple, there's no doubt that Sbu and Selaelo had a wonderful wedding, the fact that the only concern that the bride had was her husband's socks says a lot about how perfect and smoothly everything went.

Viewers have had the awful experience of witnessing terrible wedding kisses and even though Sbu and Selaelo's kiss was not that bad, some people were traumatized at how long the kiss was.

Selaelo and Sbu's perfect wedding

Ok, too much info there but honestly the kiss wasn't bad, sometimes we viewers complain a lot.

The decor was alright, we were not too crazy about it. It seems like a lot of decor designers have been taking tips from each other, it's been a while since we've seen wedding decor's that were unflattering to the eye.

Our Perfect Wedding

Although some may not agree, Selaelo looked gorgeous in her wedding down guys, jealous down and we loved her bubbly nature too.

Selaelo and Sbu's perfect wedding

This wedding deserves a cool 8/10 blame Jessica Nkosi for taking our other 2 points, but we're not complaining we hope she'll serve us even more greatness with this weeks show.

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