OPW: Cheap sometimes doesn't make for perfect

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Relationships

When we hear the word wedding, a couple of things spring to mind. We want to see the wedding dress, décor, and food, amongst other things. This then puts a lot of pressure on to the people who are getting married, because they want to look beautiful and leave a good impression on their guests.

We’re not sure if all the couples who come on Our Perfect Wedding are aware that they are raising the bar of expectation even more by having their wedding witnessed by the entire nation?

This week we met Tumelo, 34, and Super, 38. These two lovebirds came across as very reserved and shy. We don’t recall seeing the bride smiling. We doubt it was their idea to go on the show.

We don’t have a problem if a person wants to save money and opts to get the same thing at a lesser price. If you know you can’t afford a Vera Wang gown and you find a good designer who is as good as Vera, then why not?

But we’re against going cheap and still going wrong. In this case, Tumelo happens to have an aunt who sewed her wedding gown and was also responsible for the décor at no cost. Unfortunately, Tumelo’s dress was WRONG; it looked like curtain material - it was absolutely depressing.

Freebies can be a problem because no effort goes into them. People produce better results when they know they will be rewarded at the end. The décor wasn’t really any different; maybe it would have looked better if they didn’t choose the Surf colours?

Super’s suit was very shiny; his buccaneers didn’t do him justice either. And the groomsmen wore black suits. Colour was a serious challenge at this wedding.

We were disappointed that there were no vows during the matrimonial ceremony, and the pastor made it seem like a funeral.

As much as we don’t know everything about culture, we’re also not ignorant. But the part where Tumelo had to sleep (not sex, we hope) with a male from Super’s family for the cow to be slaughtered left me confused. According to the uncle, if this was not done, the cow won’t die. That must have been a Super cow.

Super’s top ten society members baked his wedding cake. We’re not sure if it was good idea either. Even Tumelo wasn’t pleased, but that’s what you get if you don’t want to spend.

Despite the cheap budget and unusual culture, the shy couple seemed happy with their wedding.  We still think they could have done better if they researched a bit and did not rely on the aunt’s skills.

In other news, Tumi Morake has announced that she will be leaving Our Perfect Wedding and, by the looks of things, she won't be missing it either...So does this mean Brenda Ngxoli is coming back?