#OPW: The pantsula bride and her "muscular man"

OPW presents to us yet another beautiful matrimony.

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#OPW: Sibongile and alfred

This has to be one of the best episodes of Our Perfect Wedding thus far.

Some of the weddings on Our Perfect Wedding have unfortunately been overshadowed by all the crazy drama that tends to be staged on the show.

However, Sibongile and Alfred's wedding proved that it could overcome all of the unnecessary drama that always rears its ugly head during the wedding process.

The couple has been through a whole lot since they started their relationship. Alfred's mom has never taken a liking to Sibongile and when she found out that her son would be marrying the love of his life, she also did not give the marriage her blessings.

What made matters even worst is that Alfred's brothers were also not interested in attending the wedding, even after Alfred sent them an invite.

The families decision to not recognize their love has caused a rift in the family but the beauty about the family drama is that the couple decided to continue with the wedding even if it meant not receiving the blessings from the family.

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It also seems like viewers of the show were touched by the families cold shoulder towards Sibongile and Alfred's relationship 

Not to throw shade, but it was also interesting to see how Alfred charmed his way into Sibongile's heart, by simply driving a Golf 5 and being muscular.

Errr...we understand the Golf 5,part but let's be real, Alfred is not muscular at all!

If there's one thing we absolutely appreciated about the bride is her confidence and how she knew exactly what she wanted, from her wedding gown to the decor. Every element of the ceremony was executed to perfection, even the tattoo situation was handled very well.

Sibongile has a number of tattoos on her body which took the attention away from her gorgeous wedding gown, however with a bit of make-up the tattoo's were covered.  Just when we thought the bride was done showcasing her gown she whipped out her feet to show us a sleek peak at her sneaker game, yep, Sibongile opted to rock some all-white sneakers instead of the usual stilleto.

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What's also interesting is that Sibongile not only made her own dress but she also made her husband's suit as well. At first we were nervous to see if the bride could pull it off, but our doubts were put to rest the minute we saw both outfits.

Alfred wore a white suit with a touch of black and a red tie.  To show how invested Sibongile was in her wedding, her husbands suit complimented the decor which was a complimentary mixture of white, black and red.

Then to top it off, Sibongile decided to walk down the isle whilst singing her favorite love balled - Stay with you by John Legend. When have you ever seen a bride sing herself down the isle? 

That's one thing we really appreciated about Sibongile, she didn't conform to the norm and just did her own thing regardless of having to deal with an unsupportive mother-in-law.

Speaking of the mother-in-law and the family, we bet they were having feelings of regret and envy when they saw how much of a success Alfred and Sibongile's wedding was.

This tweet pretty much sums up how the family felt when they saw the perfection that was presented on this wedding.

Congratulations to Alfred and Sibongile hopefully your family will get to realize that your love is real and hopefully attend your wedding anniversary.

If we had to choose the best wedding from this season it would definitely be this one, but we'll wait to see if any other couple is willing to prove us wrong.

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