#OPW: Sbu and Lusanda tie the knot

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Relationships

Another perfect wedding came to our television screens as Sbu and Lusanda tied the knot.

The couple who had zero glitches in their wedding absolutely enjoyed their special day and we enjoyed it too.

The love between Sbu and Lusanda was absolutely beautiful and captivating, it was as though no one existed in their world but the two of them.

Although the trolls tried to ruin this episode with the weight comments, it was those viewers who tweeted in their defence which we thought was commendable.

Don't get us wrong, losing weight is a vital part of ensuring people live healthily but it's the manner in which some viewers addressed the weight issue between the couple that revved up other viewers the wrong way.

We guess the most important lesson from this Sunday’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding is that looks actually come second when it comes to true love.

And yet again Thembisa Mdoda impressed many viewers with her outfits and her presenting skills, some even vouch that she presents the following season of Our Perfect Wedding.

Whoever designs Thembisa's outfits needs a raise and their own design house, the designers/stylists have been consistent with Thembisa's look since she began presenting the show.

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Although we loved the beauty of this wedding, it may seem like most viewers have become addicted to the drama filled episodes on the show. We saw a glimpse of what to expect on this week's episode of OPW and it seems like it will be nothing short of drama. 

The weeping bride had our eyes gauging out in bewilderment. 

As we patiently wait for yet another very interesting episode of Our Perfect Wedding.

Image Credit: Facebook