#OPW: Taxi drivers know how to love as well

Meet Mr and Mrs Shaoi who met at the taxi rank.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Relationships


A look at Meikie and Ompie's love story between a woman who got stood up by a friend at the taxi rank and a taxi-driver.

They found love in a hopeless place - The taxi rank.

If it wasn't for Meikie's friend ditching her at the taxi rank for hours on end, her and Ompie's love story would not even exist.

The couple met at the taxi rank whilst Ompie was doing his daily transport duties as a taxi driver. 

When Ompie realized that Meikie had been waiting at the taxi rank for hours on end, he found it as an opportunity to charm his way into her heart.

Ompie didn't charm Meikie with expensive gifts but with a simple gesture, he bought her an ice-cream from KFC. 


Although Meikie was charmed by Ompie, her family wasn't because of his occupation as a taxi driver. Meikie's mom and sister were not too impressed by what Ompie did for a living but fortunately, love conquer all.

When Ompie proposed, Meikie's family began believing in their love, a true testament of how we should never look down on anyone based on their occupation.

Even people on Twitter rallied behind taxi drivers and their ability to love as well.

Apart from that, there were several elements of the wedding we enjoyed watching.

Meikie's wedding gown
Wedding gown

We have no criticism for this dress, it hugged Meikie in all the right places, however, we're still not sure about the dress being imported from the U.K as mentioned by the shop owner.


Although there was a bit of a delay with the preparation of the decor, the wedding planner managed to finish just in time.

We liked the decor, but of course some viewers did not agree.

The Caterer

It wasn't the food that impressed us but the caterer who sold his business very well. From the presentation to the execution, every aspect of the catering was just on point.

And yes, the caterer did remind us of Mankomo who featured on Mzansi Magic's Hot Plate.


Shout out to Mr and Mrs Shaoi this was definitely their perfect wedding,

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic