Our Perfect Wedding: We want perfection but its boring

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Relationships

Although the title of Mzansi Magic’s most beloved wedding show highlights the idea of a perfect wedding, most viewers of Our Perfect Wedding might argue that for the past three weeks there hasn’t been anything perfect about the wedding’s being aired.Then again, who are we to say a couple's wedding wasn’t perfect when it could’ve been perfect for them. 

The interesting thing about Our Perfect Wedding is that when a couple attempts to reach that level of perfection and actually succeeds in doing so we frown at it for being too “perfect”. Such schizophrenic viewers we are but do you blame us? 

The fact is that perfection is not entertaining at all even though we’re all striving for perfection in some way or another. 

Looking at last night’s couple, Beauty and Mlungisi, who not only impressed us with their perfect wedding but also bored some of us to death with their smooth sailing wedding preparations. As a morning tradition over a cup of coffee, the team struggled to find any memorable moments of the episode. Well, apart from the infamous step dance and that random man who wore a Kaizer Chiefs jersey at a traditional wedding. Nothing else was worth talking about, the wedding was beautiful! surely that's something to talk about right? No.

Don’t get us wrong we take nothing away from the couple’s wedding but we want to be entertained! 

Throughout the months the shows main objective has changed drastically. As shocking as this may sound Our Perfect Wedding viewers want to point fingers and laugh. Hideous wedding dresses, Ben 10 grooms and kisses that make us gurgle in disgust are the “perfect” ingredients for an Our Perfect Wedding episode. Quite a hard pill to swallow right? But this is entertainment 

However, if you happen to be reading this and have already invited Phumeza and her crew to your wedding we hope this article does not change your decision. Have your perfect wedding and by all means share it with all South Africans because when all is said and done some of us are either still miserably single or are in a relationship with a partner who shows no signs of putting a ring on it.