Mama Nomi Left Viewers In Tears After Opening Up About Her Son's Suicide

Nicholas was battling with depression.

By  | Apr 18, 2020, 09:00 AM  | Papa Penny  | Relationships

This week's episode of Papa Penny Ahee, left the masses shedding tears when they finally heard the story of how  Mama Nomi's child Nicholas, passed away. Avid viewers of the show were thrilled as the show returned back, but they felt Mama Nomi's pain, when she opened up about how she lost her son to depression.

Mama Nomi commanded the attention of many and had the masses reaching for tissues. Nicholas was battling with depression and struggling to find a job, hence he decided to commit suicide. Nicholas had a few appearances on the show and many loved him. Nicholas jumped in front of a train last year.

When Mama Nomi explained how he died and blamed herself for his death, it cut deep for all of us. Viewers of the show, resonated with Mama Nomi's story as they sympathised with her.

Main Image Credit: Twitter