5 times Rouge and her bae, MacMillan were the cutest

This creative power couple in the making have found some new fans here at ZAlebs 

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5 times Rouge and her bae, MacMillan were the cutest

The rapper (and now filmmaker) and her bae, MacMillan Mabaleka, have been together for three years now, but looking at their relationship from the outside, they seem be in an eternal honeymoon phase.

Check out the five times that the South-African-born, Congolese rapper and her Zimbabwean playwright/actor/dancer/director boo were the cutest: 

1. Woman Crushing 

A post shared by MacmillanZ.S (@thegingermac) on

Earlier this week, MacMillan uploaded this gorgeous image with the caption:

"Your eyes.
No wait, the beauty spot to the left of your chin." ...and then she said," Hahahaha. Stop it I like it. You're so silly."🌹 -The End-

I know you don't see it in the picture but white doves were flying all over the place right about that time😋 mmhmm True story.😌"

How sweet is that?

2. Rapping on the road 

3. Featuring in her video 

Macmillan Mabaleka rouge no strings attached video

...for the song "No Strings Attached" nogal. Her gal pals, Nomuzi Mabena, Ms. Cosmo and Ayanda MVP also feature in the video looking fly as f***

4. Partying it up

rouge and macmillan

Couples that party together (and sometimes apart from each other) do really well in the long run. It's all about balance. 

5. Celebrating their anniversary 

Rouge captioned this image: 

"Happy 3 year anniversary Cheri....Feels like 3days really... Honeymoon phase is still very much intact.... 10 reasons why I love @thegingermac

1) you always want to cook for me.🍝 

2) you're not afraid to fight for me.😬 

3)you drive me around all the time.🚗 

4)you help me untangle my crazy hair💇

5) you get annoyed when I take my bank card out.😒

6) you listen to every song I write and help me when you can even though your not a rapper by any means lol.✍ 

7) you learn my raps, bar for bar(love this 😁) 🙌

8) you let me ugly cry when I'm hurt,you stay and wait till I'm done, then wipe my tears and tell me to try again.😢 

9)you come to all my shows even when you have work in the AMs😴

10) You believe in me and invest in my future which ever way you can...


P.s give me a son like you one day. 👪

I love you"

Hmm, explains why they still seem like they're still in the honeymoon phase. Yhu, sicela ama past exam papers guys? We also want to join team #LoveLivesHere

Main image credit: instagram.com/ @rouge__1

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