Sithelo Shozi's Children [Photos]

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Sithelo Shozi with her children
Sithelo Shozi is a Durban-based deejay who is perhaps most known for her famous relationship with Royal AM chairman- Andile Mpisane which resulted in the birth of two beautiful children.

Before dating Andile Mpisane, Sithelo who is seven years older than Andile was in another relationship from which she had another child. Here is everything you need to know about Sithelo Shozi’s children, her baby daddies, and her relationship with her ex-mother-in-law.

How many children does Sithelo Shozi have?

Sithelo Shozi with her two older children and a relative, source: Instagram

Sithelo Shozi's children are three- a boy and two girls. Her first child is a dashing six-year-old boy called Makhosini Nhlelozikathixo Maseko.

Her second born is an adorable little girl called Flo who was born on 2nd May 2020 and her third born is also a girl called Coco who was born on 21st July 2021.

While Sithelo Shozi who is very active on Instagram often shares photos of herself with her children, she often takes care to hide the face of her youngest. In the past, she disclosed that she doesn’t reveal her children’s faces on social media until they are over one year old to protect them.

Who are the fathers of Sithelo Shozi’s children?

Sithelo Shozi with her son, source: Instagram

Sithelo has two baby daddies, her first baby daddy who sired her oldest child is the Chairman of Maphanga Holdings- Makhosini Maseko, aka Lord Phil. Sithelo got pregnant with Lord Phil’s child while he was still married to Thandeka Sibiya.

Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane is Sithelo Shozi’s second baby daddy of her two daughters, although there were allegations that her youngest daughter might not be Andile Mpisane’s. 

The allegations have not been confirmed yet but if you are curious to know whether Sithelo Shozi has a third baby daddy, then stay tuned and we will keep you informed once the cat is out of the bag.

Andile Mpisane’s paternity dispute

Sithelo Shozi's daughters Flo and Coco, source: Instagram

Although it was widely assumed that Sithelo Shozi’s third-born Coco, is Andile Mpisane’s child given that the two were dating when Sithelo conceived Coco, it turns out that Andile Mpisane was not very sure about Coco’s paternity and demanded a paternity test.

According to a story published by Sunday World, Andile Mpisane and Sithelo’s breakup was ignited by the question of Coco’s true paternity. The publication also claimed that Andile took back the luxury BMW he had bought Sithelo a few months prior to their breakup.

It is not clear whether or not Andile went through with the paternity test or not, but at the moment Andile and Sithelo are co-parenting both Flo and Coco.

Were Sithelo Shozi and her children kicked out by Mamkhize?

Sithelo Shozi and Andile Mpisane's daughter Flo, source: Instagram

It has always been clear that Andile Mpisane’s mother- Shauwn Mkhize was never fond of Sithelo Shozi and she never hid that fact. Mamkhize claimed that she did not understand why Sithelo was with her son.

In March 2022, it was reported that Mamkhize had kicked Sithelo and her children out of the family-owned apartment that Sithelo was living in and put the apartment on sale.

However, the reports were dismissed by Mamkhize who said that she was committed to taking care of all her grandchildren and that she would never kick her out of the Izinga Estate property.

The reality star further clarified that she had no grudge against the mother of her grandchildren and that she accepted her with all her flaws. 

Also addressing the rumour that she had forced Andile to marry Tamia, Mamkhize made it clear that she would never choose a woman for her son but that she was supportive of his decisions and choices.

All the drama aside, we genuinely think that Sithelo Shozi has some really good genes and that she is doing the best that any mother can do for her children.
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