Sizwe Dhlomo reveals that he's in a 'fairly new' relationship

Who knew Sizwe would be so open about his relationship. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Relationships

Sizwe Dhlomo

The media personality and entrepreneur is one of the few public figures who hardly shares information about his private life. 

Well, he may now and then speak about his family on social media but when it comes to speaking about who he's dating? Good luck.

However, as most well-known people do when they get interviewed on Metro FM's Breakfast Show, Sizwe opened up a bit about his love life and confirmed that he is not single, and that he is very much in a fairly new relationship that he considers to be quite serious. However, he refused to reveal who he's dating. 

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When asked if he would get married, Sizwe said he would, even if it had to happen tomorrow. Marriage is not something that he fears.

The media personality and businessman also added that he is cool with having as many kids as the Lord will give him. "...I don't think about that hey, as many [kids] as the Lord blesses me with or none. I don't really have an issue. I don't mind, I could have one or two or none. For me, it's not a prerequisite and I can also just go ahead and just stay single for the rest of my life as well."

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He did, however, mention that he is a firm believer of marriage and that it is all thanks to his parents. "I believe in marriage, my parents have been married for 36-years and counting and that's my reference, they seem happy but so far so good," he said on the show. 

So, sorry ladies, Sizwe is a taken man.

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