Somizi: "Am I Using Your SASSA Grant Money"

He responds to questions on why he buys Mohale expensive gifts

By  | Sep 12, 2020, 12:41 PM  | Somhale  | Relationships

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Somizi Mhlongo always spoils hubby, Mohale Motaung and is unapologetic about it. He delivered a stinging clapback when a troll questioned his generosity towards his husband.

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Mohale was accused by tweeps of never spoiling his husband, or rather the lack of affection which should come from him, calling Somgaga a 'one-sided lover.' his assumption came after Mohale posted a picture of a Gucci bag, alongside the caption: “Gifts from hubby. Thank you, bae.”

Wondering if Somhale spoils his bae, a troll asked, "Kant wena when are u gifting somizi??? Dude is always gifting u," Notorious for putting trolls in their place, Somgaga gave a stinging hot clap back as expected, "kunani am I using yo sasa grant.....until I do stop asking stupid questions."

This is the second time the couple has been scrutinized for their lavish spending. It was Somizi's mother, Mary Twala's, farewell when he surprised Mohale for his 25th birthday. He bought her a diamond ring and earned himself some criticism from people.

“It's my husband's birthday today and also my mother's farewell. We laid my mother to rest, and I didn't know what to do, how to present this. I decided to carry on and got him this,” he said in the video.

Recently Somizi had to fight off trolls who question why he and bae never show any affection in their pictures. A follower said the couple look more like friends than lovers. The post sparked many comments which questioned why they are never seen holding and kissing each other, with some claiming that their lack of public affection was rather odd for a couple who are supposedly in love.

Somizi sarcastically responded back to a tweep who stated, “I never see you two kissing each other”, with, “We don’t don't kiss guys.” Tweeps found Somizi’s response hilarious and praised him for responding with a joke, rather than lashing out at the follower.

The happily married couple appear on each other’s socials more often, keeping the posts casual and romantic. Despite the public’s cause for concern due to their lack of affection, Somizi and Mohale are as happy as can be and are doing this marriage thing very well, with fans labelling them as goals!

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