Celebrity cougars we’d love to date

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Sonia Mbele  | Relationships

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If there’s one fact that nobody can deny it's that South Africa is filled with many beautiful women, and, for us, the older they are, the more attractive they become. We’d like to believe that we’re a bunch of young lads who know how to handle their ladies... but there’s nothing wrong with being guided by an older woman.

Our entertainment industry is filled with beautiful young ladies. However, our eyes are fixated on the older ladies of the industry. Yes, we’re talking about the 30 to 40-year-olds who run the game and have learned all the tricks of the trade. The type of woman who intimidates, yet excites at the same time - now we're talking!

We know it’s #WCW day, but here’s a couple of cougars we wouldn’t mind taking out on a date. Plus, if they paid the bill for us, that would be a bonus!

Sonia Sedibe

Granted, she’s had a love-hate relationship with the media, but we can’t deny it any longer. Sonia not only has the beauty, but she’s got the intelligence and creativity too! Check her resume’ and you’d be surprised at the amount of work she's done in the entertainment industry. Sonia, can we drink your bath water, ma'am?

Claire Mawisa

From our side of the laptop screen to yours, we can literally hear you nodding in excitement! Claire Mawisa is the ultimate celebrity cougar to date. It is not just her good looks but her goal in helping teenage girls strive for self-love and self-appreciating that has us admiring this woman from a far. Mawisa has been very instrumental in bringing forth CodeTeen to the awareness of many parents and their teenage girls and for that we commend you, Claire. Did you also know that Claire is a field reporter for Carte Blanche? Bereka Mosadi!

Noni Gasa

A stylist and a woman who knows how to make anything look good on her. Noni can wear a huge leaf and make it look good! We hardly see her at any celebrity events (which we kinda appreciate), but if she'd let us, we'd love to take her out on a date sometime.

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