A Look Back At Sophie Ndaba's Husbands, Weddings, And Divorces

She just loves love

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Sophie Ndaba
Sophie Ndaba is an award-winning South African actress, model, and events planner who rose to the limelight in the early 1990s and is best known for her role as Queen Moroka on Generations.

The actress is one of those people who believe that true love exists and despite having a failed marriage or two, still gives love a chance.

Here is everything you need to know about Sophie Ndaba’s husband, as well as all the details about her past marriages, her weddings, and divorces.

Who is Sophie Ndaba’s husband?

Sophie Ndaba is currently not married and does not have a husband, but according to some sources, she is in a relationship.  

In January 2022, Sunday World reported that Sophie Ndaba had started dating a Nigerian pastor and businessman only identified as Allen who reportedly ministers at Shepherd Bushiri’s church.

Since the rumour exploded, Sophie has never confirmed dating the pastor, and it’s unclear if she is really in a relationship or not.

Although she is currently unmarried, Sophie Ndaba has been married three times and divorced three times. Here is a look at her ex-husbands.

Themba Ndaba

Themba Ndaba, source: Facebook

Veteran actor Themba Ndaba who is best known for his role as Brutus Khoza on The Queen was the first man to be Sophie Ndaba’s husband. The pair reportedly met in the mid-1990s and got married in 1998.

Like Sophie, Themba Ndaba has been in the acting industry for close to three decades and it is speculated that their mutual love for the film industry might have brought them together.

Sophie Ndaba’s marriage to Themba lasted for ten years and the two were blessed with two children- a daughter called Rudo Ndaba who Sophie had before her marriage to Themba and a son called Lwandle Ndaba.

Sophie and Themba Ndaba divorced in 2007 in what appeared to be a very civil and amicable process and to date, they have not revealed why they broke up.

Bishop Keith Harrington

Keith Harrington and Sophie Ndaba's wedding, source: Sunday Live

After her marriage to Themba Ndaba ended, Sophie Ndaba found love again and got married for the second time.

Sophie Ndaba’s second husband was a Mpumalanga-based pastor called Bishop Keith Harrington. 

The former couple met in 2011 at the Word of Grace Bible Church in Nelspruit after they were both invited to speak to the youth by the church’s head pastor, Paul Nkuna. 

Sophie Ndaba's wedding to Bishop Keith Harrington was a lavish but secret affair that was held at Summer Place, Johannesburg, in December 2011. Sophie wore a stunning strapless, white mermaid gown while the bishop wore a white suit for the wedding.

Sadly, their marriage ended only six months later, and they separated in June 2012. Unlike her first divorce, Sophie Ndaba’s second divorce was dramatic and very public as she and the man of God both aired their dirty laundry in public during their divorce which was finalized in 2013.

Max Lichaba

Max Lichaba and Sophie Ndaba's wedding, source: news24

Despite having two failed marriages, Sophie Ndaba did not lose faith in love and she fell in love again, this time with business tycoon Max Lichaba. 

Sophie Ndaba's wedding to Max Lichaba was also a secret affair. Although there had been rumours about Sophie's third marriage, the actress only publicly acknowledged that she had gotten married a few months after the traditional ceremony happened when she shared photos of from the wedding on social media.

For years, Sophie and Max seemed to have a happy marriage until June 2021, when Sophie who had changed her name to Sophie Lichaba dropped Lichaba’s surname and reverted back to Ndaba without an explanation.

In August 2021, Sophie Ndaba’s son- Lwandle, or Ocean L, released a song where he dissed his stepfather in his lyrics and accused him of physically and emotionally assaulting his mother.

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