Take A Look Back At Gogo Skotheni's Weddings And Meet Her Two Husbands

Why have one husband when you can have two?

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Gogo Skotheni with her first husband
Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng Shange, famously known as Gogo Skotheni is a celebrity sangoma known for her reality television show that gives the world a glimpse into her eccentric lifestyle that is headlined by her polyandry marriage.

Originally from Embalenhle in Mpumalanga, Gogo Skotheni, who is currently based in Harrismith in Free State, first embraced her calling as a spiritual healer when she was in her early 20s. 

Like most traditional healers, Gogo Skotheni revealed that it took some time for her to understand and embrace her calling, but she finally did and she is currently on a mission to make more people understand and embrace their roots.

It recently emerged that Gogo Skotheni got married to a second man and she is in a happy polyandrous marriage. Here is a look at Gogo Skotheni’s wedding to her first husband, her second wedding, who her husbands are and how they make their marriage work.

Details about Gogo Skotheni’s wedding

Gogo Skotheni and her first husband on their wedding day, source: Instagram

Gogo Skotheni’s wedding to her first husband Monde Shange took place on the 19th of December 2020.

The couple officially became man and wife in a beautiful traditional wedding that was held at Gogo Skotheni's parents’ home in Mpumalanga.

Celebrating her first wedding anniversary in December 2021, Gogo Skotheni shared a photo of herself with her first husband on their wedding day on Instagram accompanied by the sweetest message to her first husband.

“On this day last year, I officially became Mrs Shange. Happy anniversary Sthandwa sami may God give us strength and continue blessing our marriage also may he give us strength to be the best parents to our kids
I love you Bab Shange❤️,” she wrote.

While in most marriages when a woman and a man become joined in marriage, they spend their first few months together thinking about each other only, Gogo Skotheni’s case was different. In a recent interview, the famous sangoma revealed that shortly after her wedding, she started receiving dreams from her ancestors instructing her to take up a second husband.

Gogo Skotheni who revealed that she had never been a believer of polyandrous relationships and believed in one man-one woman relationship was caught by surprise by the ancestors’ instructions but she had to comply with them.

The Moja Love reality star also disclosed that her husband was reluctant about her getting a second husband. In one episode of their reality show, her husband who seemed hurt by the idea consulted with Gogo Skotheni’s mother about the issue. It appears that Gogo Skotheni’s ancestors won and her first husband finally embraced the ancestors’ will and bought into the polyandry arrangement.

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Gogo Skotheni’s wedding to her second husband happened about eight months ago but according to the sangoma, she hasn’t shared photos of the wedding yet because the episode has not been aired on the show yet.

Gogo Skotheni’s husbands and their living arrangements

Gogo Skotheni with her first husband, source: Instagram

Gogo Skotheni’s first husband, who is also the father of their children, is Monde Sange. The two have been married since 2020 and he co-stars in Gogo Skotheni’s reality show on Moja Love TV.

Her second husband, who was chosen for her by her ancestors, is called Sbusiso. Gogo Skotheni revealed that she and Sbusiso had dated for a year when she was in Grade 8, they parted ways after school and had not thought much about him until her ancestors showed him to her in her dreams.

Explaining her husbands’ living arrangements during an interview with Drum, Gogo Skotheni disclosed that she and her husbands live separately and that they have a schedule and she visits each of them in rotation. She also disclosed that they were all in a good place where they no longer felt the need to talk about it anymore.
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