Terry Pheto speaks on her relationship with ex, DJ Sbu

Terry Pheto and Sbu are good

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Terry Pheto  | Relationships

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Terry Pheto

Terry Pheto has made it clear that she and her ex-boyfriend, DJ Sbu, are good. 

The actress was on Anele Mdoda's "Real Talk with Anele" recently, where she spoke about her career. 

A question about DJ Sbu came up. Anele mentioned that when Terry was still an ambassador for L'Oreal, she was apparently told not to date DJ Sbu because he was seen as a "bad boy", while Terry was seen as South Africa's "sweetheart". 

"I think i am still a sweetheart," she joked. 

That is a lie. That is a lie, I can tell you that. That is a lie and whatever that happened between my ex and I uhm, happened, and you know, life happens... He's a good person, he's a friend and I have so much respect for him, and we're good. I think people love things that are like... esidini (on the side). 

Well, there you have it!

Terry Pheto has been nominated for the South African of The Year Award 2016.

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