Broken Vows: A glimpse at Thandi & Uhuru's wedding

It's wedding vibes on TV once again

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Thapelo Mokoena  | Relationships


And you know how much we love ourselves a beautiful wedding

So when we heard of Thandi & Uhuru's wedding set to air in a few weeks time we couldn't help but get excited about a whole lot of things.

Which include; the brides wedding gown, the decor, the guests and of course all the drama we'll be seeing unfold leading up to the wedding. 


Thandi and Uhuru's wedding is said to be a fantastic union between their two families and leading to Ace's downfall and exile from the family.

Broken Vows is known for its outstanding wedding episodes like the one Tshiamo and Damien had which was also attended by Uhuru and Thandi



And whilst we wait for the wedding episode to air, it is quite clear that the cast of Broken Vows have quite a lot of fun on set.

Thandi, played by actress - Jo-Anne Reyneke is always sharing videos of what goes on behind the scenes on the Broken Vows set.

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