We Finally Know Who Thembisa Mdoda's Husband Is

"To be loved by a Zulu man"

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Thembisa Mdoda
Known for her impeccable sense of fashion and her beautiful smile, the gorgeous Thembisa Mdoda is a gifted media personality who has graced our screens for many years on shows such as Our Perfect Wedding.

The award-winning television host who began her career as a DJ also dabbles as a writer, an actress, a radio host, a producer and a brand ambassador- all of which she has proven herself as a master.

Besides having a thriving career, Thembisa Mdoda also has a thriving family life. She is a wife and a mother to the most beautiful children.

Here is a look at Thembisa Mdoda’s husband who has been kept a secret, her ex-husband and her divorce, as well as a brief look at her children who are growing up so fast.

Who is Thembisa Mdoda’s husband?

Thembisa Mdoda, source: Instagram

The glamorous Thembisa Mdoda is officially off the market, sorry to the men who had their eyes set on her.

Although the existence of Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is widely known, his identity is relatively unknown as the media personality has kept her marriage and her husband quite private.

That being said, Thembisa has been throwing around bits of information about the man in her life. For example, she added the surname Nxumalo to her name, so although we don't know his first name, we know that Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is called Mr Nxumalo.

In a recent Instagram post, Thembisa shared a throwback photo of herself with her husband. And although she was careful not to share the face of her mysterious man, she revealed that she and her hubby had met on set, so we know that he is in the media industry.

Thembisa Mdoda with her husband, source: Instagram

We also know that Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is currently 41 years old. On his 40th birthday on 3rd March 2021, Thembisa Mdoda took to Instagram to post a throwback photo of him when he was little and wished him a happy birthday. 

It’s only a matter of time before the identity of Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is revealed and when she does the big reveal, we will be here for it.

Thembisa Mdoda’s ex-husband

Thembisa Mdoda, Atandwa Kani and the twins, source: Drum

Thembisa Mdoda’s current marriage is her second marriage. Between 2012 to 2015, she was married to popular actor Atandwa Kani.

Her ex-husband Atandwa Kani is the son of veteran actor- John Kani and like his father, he has followed in his footsteps in establishing an international acting career and has already had roles in international films and series including Black Panther.

According to sources, Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani met in 2004 at Wits University where the two were students. They had an on-and-off relationship for years and after being apart for some time and dating other people, fate brought the two back together in 2011 and shortly after, Thembisa discovered that she was pregnant.

On 11th August 2012, Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony and a few months later, Thembisa Mdoda gave birth to beautiful twin boys.

Thembisa Mdoda’s first marriage was very rocky from the beginning. From the start, Anele Mdoda’s husband questioned the paternity of the children even though he supported them as his own.

In 2014, things started getting ugly between the couple as some publications reported that Kani had allegedly accused Mdoda of infidelity.

The infidelity accusations and the paternity question would continue haunting the marriage and in 2015, the couple decided to end things.

In the same year, Thembisa Mdoda’s ex-husband got married to actress Fikile Mthwalo. The two had met on the set of a television show.

Thembisa Mdodas’ children's paternity

After years of requesting a paternity test for the twins, Atandwa Kani’s fears that he wasn’t the biological father were confirmed in 2015.

The real identity of the twins’ biological father has never been revealed by Thembisa Mdoda although some sources allege that Thembisa Mdoda’s baby daddy is a pilot called Andile Nodada.

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