Who Is Uncle Waffles' Boyfriend And Is She Dating?

Single or not?

By  | Sep 20, 2022, 08:46 AM  | Uncle Waffles   | Relationships

Uncle Waffles, Who Is Uncle Waffles Boyfriend?
The name Uncle Waffles has been in many people’s mouths lately in Mzansi. This young deejay knows how to pull crowds and get the party going with her great mixes, her killer dance moves, and her general vibe and she is currently one of the top female deejays in the country.

As expected with the rise in her popularity, Uncle Waffles’ personal life is something of interest to the public who want to know everything about who Uncle Waffles’ boyfriend is, if she has one, her relationship history as well as her family and background.

This article addresses the question of whether or not Uncle Waffles is dating, and if she is who is the lucky man who won her heart.

Who is Uncle Waffles’ boyfriend?

Uncle Waffles' alleged boyfriend, Kai, source: Instagram

After keeping her relationship private for a long time, the cat is finally out of the bag and the identity of Uncle Waffles' boyfriend is finally known.

A few weeks ago, Uncle Waffles shared a video of herself rapping away to Nicki Minaj's lyrics and although that might have been her only intention, the video helped tweeps to find out the identity of the man in her life and the whole process was interesting.

In the video, Uncle Waffles is holding her phone which has a photo of her and her beau on its back cover. It didn't take Twitter detectives long to zoom in on the photo and based on their analysis concluded that Uncle Waffles' boyfriend is Kai.

Besides allegedly dating Uncle Waffles, Kai is also Uncle Waffles' manager and while a section of Uncle Waffles fans are happy for her, some don't think that it's a good idea for the young star to mix business and pleasure, as according to them, it never ends well.  

In the past, there were a few speculations that Uncle Waffles and DJ Slade were dating. DJ Slade used to be managed by Kreative Kornerr management which also manages Uncle Waffles before he left the management earlier in 2022. 

There were also speculations that Uncle Waffles was dating one of the Major League twins after social media police noticed that one of the twins was holding the waist of Uncle Waffles in a picture that was shared by the late Riky Rick. The artists had been at the Remy Martin Team Up Dinner.

Uncle Waffles and Drake

Drake, source: Instagram

Uncle Waffles' fame got a huge boost a couple of months ago after internationally acclaimed rapper- Drake mentioned her on his Instagram story, the rapper has over 100 million followers.

The Gods Plan hitmaker first caught wind of Uncle Waffles and followed her on Instagram after Uncle Waffles' “People are burning” video went viral on Twitter.

The latest mention by Drake had Mzansi talking for days with some believing that Drake might have a little crush on Waffles while some saw it as a sign of a possible partnership and collaboration between the two. Whichever case it is, we are sure time will reveal to us whatever we cannot see now. 

Uncle Waffles and the LGBTQ community

In July 2022, Uncle Waffles confirmed that she is a member of the LGBTQ when she came out as bisexual in an Instagram live. Although she confirmed that she was also dating a man at the time, it didn't stop women from shooting their shot at her.

Besides confirming that she is bisexual, there have been long-standing speculations that the gifted Amapiano star is also transgender.

After her performance at the Cotton Fest where she performed with dancers who openly identify as members of the LGBTQ, a few social media trolls started a rumour that Uncle Waffles is trangender.

While her fans came to her defense and shut down the trolls, Uncle Waffles who is known to be a supporter of the LGBTQ  community, also went to Twitter and clapped back at the naysayers for always looking for something to say even when there is nothing to say.

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